Wednesday, September 18, 2013

OMG Moment: Lesson Planning

This is my 5th year as Child Care Provider for the Kids Out Program. It's a before and after school child care program. And so far, I love this second job of mine.

The job is kinda similar to being a teacher. The difference is - I don't have to do any "lesson planning" and "grade computations"  and "documentations". I don't even have a classroom. I have the playground! And yes, one huge difference... I have more fun because all we do is PLAY!

Then, opportunity came for a permanent position in the Kindergarten Classroom. I grabbed it.

Now, I am a teacher again. Well sort of. I am an Educational Technician. I assist the classroom teachers.

So technically I am a teacher, right? Right!

And I love this job too because - I still don't do lesson plans! How awesome is that?
When, I was a HS teacher, I breathed... ate... dreamed... lesson plans. It is an important tool to carry out my lessons. But I was not a big fan of lesson plans!

Can you keep a secret? I didn't do lesson plans. Shhhhh. hahaha

Well, technically I did. I would write lesson plans like I blog though - scheduled and/or back scheduled.

Here's the thing. I don't know how the class will turn out. Who knows?

Can you predict the future? Can anyone tell if there will be interruptions when you are in the middle of the lesson and you needed to stop? What would happened then? No! No one can tell.

So yah, I wrote the lesson plan after I taught the lesson so that I would be able to justify my lesson. Bad teacher! Yeah, that's me! [Well, that is why I have blogs instead of lesson plans.] LOL


What's with planning? Why do we need to plan? Doesn't it spoil the fun?

Planning... I know has a purpose. It is invented for a reason. It gives one a concrete sense of direction to take to avoid failure and to achieve results. It's a good thing. [I should have convinced myself but I don't operate that way. wink**] It gives the person a tangible resource to success.

As a teacher, I need it. I need it not because I get paid for doing it but because it will help me help my students learn and achieve.

As a human being, I need it. I need it not only to stay in the right track but to keep me focused on my responsibility as responsible citizen.

As the person I am, I need it. I need it to keep me sane!

So do I plan my activities now? Yes and No.

I plan when I know that it will help me get the best result in my mind. And when I want to be adventurous, I just let fate take its course. I love surprises too... good ones only. LOL

PLAN... when you need to. Plan when you want concrete, feasible and successful results. DON'T PLAN... when you have a strong faith that things will be fine and you are fine with whatever result you achieved - good or otherwise.

- Ruthi Orona-Gregoire

Ruthilicious... absent in the Classroom, present in the Chatroom. She blogs when she is NOT Facebooking/Pinteresting lesson planning and she blogs while she is ALSO Facebooking/Pinteresting lesson planning.

To read more about her Teaching-Learning Experience... Click HERE.


Cherry said...

i never plan a lot of things unless it's necessary to do so. i love and enjoy "spur of the moments".

rainfield61 said...

"Good morning,teacher."

betchai said...

when i was teaching in college, i did not do any lesson planning, all I know was I was confident with the content, and I could just make an outline, and all plans were in my head. the world changed a lot when i moved to high school teaching, now, i could not imagine anymore going to classroom without a lesson plan, not so much for the content because i could teach them with my eyes closed, but more on the delivery how my students would best learn the materials, and how they would be engaged in the activities. i kind of miss the easier life in college teaching, but frankly, i get more joy in teaching high school students since they are sweeter, like you, I get so happy and so inspired with a hug, when a student would ask to hug you because they are so proud of themselves for achieving something, i envy you (in a very good way), because i know, you get more hugs from those little kids. frankly, i wish sometimes i teach little kids, but i am too lazy now to study for that and get a new credential. but i am enjoying my high school kids too, i always go home telling ktl, " i so love my kids, dear", life is good! yes, despite the teacher's challenges and heartaches too. i love your job, Ruthi!

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