Monday, September 2, 2013

Irksome, Indeed!

“This is irksome! I said I want the helmet taken off but with your hands.” His Mom said and went on.”That’s probably the reason why I can’t knock some sense on your brain.”

[140 characters without spaces]

---------------------------------Succinctly Yours-----------------------------------

This is my take for this week's Succinctly Yours Microfiction Meme at Grandma's Goulash.

How low can you go?
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Word of the Week: irksome


Jim said...

O Dear, the poor fellow!!! ~~
But I like it a lot, Ruthi.

Pat said...

Maybe this will knock some sense into the guy...or give him a huge headache! Cute one, Ruthinian.

Grandma`s Goulash said...

With an impact like that, it's a wonder that there's anything left in his head. The does sound just like a mother.

Judy SheldonWalker said...

I have a lot of sympathy for this poor misguided fellow.

rainfield61 said...

That looks funny.

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