Monday, August 19, 2013

The Horse Knew

Oh no  I’m in jeopardy! How can I find my way now? There are too much traffic lights.” It was way better when this was just one big dry land. My horse knew where I’m heading.
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This is my take for this week's Succinctly Yours Microfiction Meme at Grandma's Goulash.

How low can you go?
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Word of the Week: jeopardy


Pat said...

Ahh, the good old days with the wide open spaces. It was probably wonderful to have a self-guided horse as your ride home! Cute story.

Judy SheldonWalker said...

I would love to ride in wide open spaces. We've traded horse manure for carbon monoxide.

Grandma`s Goulash said...

After many years of commuting through city traffic, I could really relate to this one. Nicely done.

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