Wednesday, August 21, 2013

OMG Moment: Who's Genius?

I am so amazed how technology can bring us the best of everything. Just in You Tube alone, I can spend hours watching amazing things that people can do. And yes, isn't it amazing how people can do crazy things too?

The other day, I was browsing on You Tube for make-up tips when I bumped into this video.

As a teacher I was amazed at how the 2-year old boy can do such complicated Math skill designed for second graders. It's simply genius! I thought.

Then, I noticed the mother of the 2-year old boy.

She was with the boy in all of his videos guiding him and teaching him his numbers, his letters, his words, his shapes, his flags... then I realized - there is no boy or girl genius. Yeah, there may be some kids at are born genius but hey, still somebody has to do something to tap that talent, right?

A child cannot learn things all by himself even if that child is a genius without the guidance of a teacher. And in all cases... our mother is always our first teacher.

Yup, there is no such thing as boy genius.

There is only Mother Genius!


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betchai said...

yep. we always have fond memories of our first teacher, our moms.

rainfield61 said...

There is no genius.

I know that,because I am not too.

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