Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hindsight: Kids' Stuff

Being a teacher for 11 years in the Philippines, I have not been so tired working till now. Maybe, it’s the weather [Maine's weather is so unpredictable that it changes every 5 minutes, seriously.] Maybe, the kids are too hyper [I don't know where they get their energy.] Or maybe, I am getting old [and that I had to admit, is a serious factor].
When I move here in Maine, my very first job was and still is a Child Care Provider. It is like being a teacher and it is not like being a teacher. Let me explain. It is like being a teacher because I deal with kids of school-aged. These kids consider me as their other teacher. It isn't like being a teacher because we do things that normal teachers do with their students like play tag-you're-it, dig in the sand for buried treasures, and lots of crazy kids' stuff that I found fun after all. It was indeed a total opposite of what a classroom teaching is because learning doesn't take place in the classroom but in the playground.

Then during my first year at work I was introduced to Summer Camp. Summer camp is entirely a new thing for me. It is not old school… it is new school, indeed. The experience is new to me. It is fresh and innovative since we don’t have that kind of concept back home. The work was a-ok considering the number of hours that I had to work [that was a full time job for me back then] so money was a good motivation.

Summer camp is play and game. It brings back the child in me.The kids are contagious in terms of fun and laughter. Their innocence is surprisingly educative if not completely compelling. And if there is any downside to this learning experience… that would be… their energy is draining me, making me totally exhausted, useless and unproductive at the end of the day. AND that justified my decision NOT to do summer camp ever again. LOL

Oh well, life at the camp was fun. There would be some unhappy campers every now and then but we [the Counselors] always came up with something [or improvise] to make the camp “the happy place on earth” [or is that Disney World or Walmart, for me?] And if there is anything I learned from the experience that would be... The Camp is not just a place for fun but for learning experiences that will never be learned from the four corners of the classroom. Summer camp taught us lessons that will surely come handy in life.

A couple more weeks and summer will be over. Things will be back to normal again both for the Camp Counselors and the kids. Two more weeks and I will be putting on my Child Care Provider hat again and that means we will do serious business again learning new lessons, the conventional and unconventional ways. Two more weeks and the summer fever will be over… but definitely will never be forgotten .


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rainfield61 said...

Luckily you have not had me in your class.

betchai said...

oh your job description sounds like something I would love so much to do!!!

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