Friday, August 2, 2013

God Bless Blogging

Things in bloggospere are not coming roses for me lately. If you have been a loyal follower of my blog, [which I doubt it since I don't really blog like I used to and don't do blog hopping for the longest time] you are probably aware of what's going on with my websites [stress on the letter "S"]. One already lost it's domain because of "2 words"... auto-renew.

Yes, "auto-renew" is now my least favorite words because I don't know how to do it. Long story and I don't even want to talk about it.
Anyway, this website [auto-renew alert!] will sooner or later suffer the same fate. Sad but true. I know I there is a way of auto-renewing all my blogs that will sooner or later lose its domain but something is telling me to just give up, slow down and downsize. I need to get a life and blogging is taking so much of it.

Blogging saved me from losing my sanity years ago. It helped me a lot in making friends and money as well. It gave me the freedom to express myself and my thoughts without reservations. And it became my tool to reach out and sometimes escape [for awhile] to a fantasy world where I can choose to feel exist and recharge.

After the fateful RBS domain issue, I decided to post this kind of write across my 7 blogs to warn you guys of the major blog revamp that is going to happen and is currently brewing.

This website - My Refuge Online - is what it it. This is my 'go-to" blog when I feel poetic... or when I wanted to get in touch with my inner soul and reflect on the goodness around me... or when I wanted to share my personal experiences with my students and the lessons I learned from them... or when I wanted to praise God for all His blessings... or when I wanted to share my blessing through words.

Now, that this is in danger of losing it's domain [unless I find a way of changing it's fate] it will be merge with my other website - a Carpenter's WIFE's Tool Box just like what happened to my Ruthi's breathingSpace. There is a room for all my blogs in there and I feel that it will be easier to manage one blog now considering my work schedule.

It will surely be a bitter-sweet departure [or more bitter than sweet] but change is always a good thing if we will only open ourselves to the possibilities we can gain and remain positive, isn't it? But yes, it's better said than done. But I am still grateful for the opportunity that I was able to get the chance to do what I love doing and hope that I will be able to blog for as long as I live.


Lord, thank you for the gift of writing
Thank you for the inspirations I get from writing.
and Thank you for blessings that writing brings.


betchai said...

sorry about that Ruthi, I was thinking of adding a new blog for more income, but I decided not to, and just keep the 2 (TJOSL and BIBO) I have for it is hard to keep up even with just 2, especially if I get a lot of paid opps, I need regular filler posts to maintain PR. I do love blogging as a hobby though, and it still is my 2nd income :) to help kids I sponsor to school.

kulasa zen said...

and thank you Lord for blogging inspirations like Ruthi....

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