Friday, July 19, 2013

My Brothers... My Blessings!

I don't have a sister and I don't need one. I have two brothers and I don't need more. I am happy with both of them.
[My Brothers... Gary and Japol - HongKong]

My relationship with my brothers is special and extra-ordinary. Oh yeah, we did engage in a fight or two or more and some squabbles with each other every now and then for as long as I can remember and we did commit some "kid-size crimes" together for fun and cover each other's asses too. LOL
[My Partners-in-Crime... in Baguio City - Circa 1988]

We are typical siblings who went through a lot of adventures and mischiefs. We are just like ordinary brood who never fails to amuse or amaze each other and the people around us with things we didn't know we are capable of doing. And a lot of times we got caught by the "Drill Sergent" [a.k.a Mom] and that meant - TIME-OUT ALERT! LOL.
[The Teenage Orona Siblings with the Drill Sergent. Miss her so much too.]

My brothers are typical boys who were raised with great values and well-founded characteristics. Yes, "boys will be boys" they say and by saying that I can attest that they did get themselves in trouble more than a couple of times in that department. But my parents raised them well to became responsible, caring, loving, honest and God-fearing men.
I may sound patronizing them but can you blame me? I love them to pieces. I don't know about other people or siblings for that matter but my brothers are my BFFs. We do fight or shall I say argue and have misunderstanding and contradict each other sometimes but what the heck? That's what siblings do, right? And we are good at that. Yes, we sometimes take sides [depending on circumstances and who got the bribe ***wink] but at the end of the day... we kiss and make up and forget all about it.
Then we grew up. We became the kinds of adults that I believe my parents are proud of and expected us to be. We had our own individual career and lead our own path. Then we started building our own different worlds. Oh well, that's what grown up do when they outgrown each other.
Now, that we are living separate lives... Gary in Hong Kong... Japol in the Philippines and I - here in the US... distance keeps us from doing what we used to do. But no matter how distant apart we are - we never stop doing one thing that we love doing since when we are little... communicate.
[With my brothers in Baguio City some 20 years ago?]

We love to talk. We talked a lot when we were little which got us in trouble all the time because it always got in the way of our chores. We talked until the wee hours of the night which kept our Mom awake too and yes, got us in trouble more. And yes, we talked about almost everything and we sometimes talked about the same thing over and over again. Amazing huh. Didn't I tell you that?
Yes, my brothers and I still talk a lot... online - chat time is anytime we are available that is. We play. We still play... online - Words with Friends, anyone? And for some reason... we are more connected now that we were still living in one place. Ah the wonders of technology.
 [Me with my brothers during my last trip to the Philippines.]
My brothers are my friends... my partners in crime... my blessings. I love them and I miss them so much.

Dear Lord
My life would have been boring if you didn't give me Gary and Japol.
My life would be plain if my brothers were not Gary and Japol.
And my life will not be the same without Gary and Japol.
Lord... thank you for my brother.
Thank you very much for they are blessings to me.
Please keep them safe, healthy and blessed.


betchai said...

you have very good relationships with Gary and Japol, I could still see the kids in you :)

Cherry said...

ang sarap niyong pagmasdan magkakapatid. miss ko tuloy mga kapatid ko.

musta ka na sissy? miss you too! hope all is well in your side of the world. take care and Godbless...

there are so much opportunities now with blogging happine$$. just in case you are interested to join the fun, buzz mo lang kami nila Betchai. :)

kulasa said...

..and I had the chance to witness that amazing brother-sister sweetness! your family is so beautiful because you are such wonderful individuals! miss yah sis....super duper enjoyed this post and I guess I will never get tired listening to your Gary-Japol stories! :)

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