Friday, March 15, 2013

It's a Phase

It was my 48th birthday yesterday. Yesterday, I worked and life went on just like any ordinary day. There was no grand celebration. I am too old for that. It was no big deal.

For the past couple of weeks, I was trying to assess my life... counting all the blessings and contemplating on the mistakes that I have done. Well, it's a phase. Trust me. Any pre-menopausal woman like me regardless of age, color, race, creed or religion go through this phase and it's unbeatable. Time is ticking and I feel that I don't have much time left so I need to plan.

I need to come up with a bucket list. And where did I get that idea? Again it's a phase.

So I spent some sleepless nights trying to figure out what I want to do before I die. Oh well, you probably watched that movie and you probably have your own list too.

And so I spent days trying to come up with a list and boy, didn't know that it was hard. It was a dilemma. It is not hard to think of the things I like to do. What is hard is to prioritize them according to importance and that is indeed quite a struggle.

What else should I do and have not done yet?

I already ran races. At my age who would have thought that I could run, much less run races for fun. I was a wimpy kid back then who couldn't even win in a game of tag-you're-it with kids my age.
I already surfed. At my age, I think I am the only 40-something-year old surfing dudette. wink* I was scarred at first but the first plunge was tolerable so I was back on the surf board in no time. And in no time, I was riding the waves in total amazement.
I already been to several places and visited dream destinations but I know there are more I want to explore. But more than that... I think I need to be more creative in decision what's on my bucket list. And that I had to admit is a struggle.
Queensland, Australia 2000
Hong Kong 1997
Singapore 2006
Thailand 1998
 Los Angeles, California 2010
 San Francisco, California 2012
Oh yes, there are a lot of things I really want to do and would like to try at my age. But as of now, my priority is to find time to do at least one of them. Hahaha. Or maybe I'll wait until I turn "Golden Girl".

But more than anything else, I am grateful that at my age, I am healthy  because I know some people my age who are already on "maintenance medice" for their high blood pressure or diabetes. I am grateful that the only pills I take are multi-vitamins. That is why I don't really care right now if I can't be successful in my career [what career? is there such a thing? LOL] because I am happy that I can run 3+ miles and surf and stroll around dream destination without any pains.

Dear Lord, thank you for the life
thank you for the strength
thank you for good health
and  most of all thank you for all you blessings
for 48 long years of my existence.

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Cherry said...

super belated happy birthday, Ruthi! glad to know you are in the pink of health. stay happy and healthy!!! run, travel.., and do what you love most! :)

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