Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Success 101: The LNHS Teachers

My summer vacation in the Philippines is not complete without visiting the school where I taught for 11 long years.

My life as a teacher is not complete without the help of all my colleagues who have been part and parcel of my professional life.

They are one of those people who inspire me in so many ways. Their dedication as educators is unparalleled. Their hard work and perseverance to promote quality education is unequaled. And their selfless devotion to mold the youth is noble.

As a former educator, I am proud to be a part of the Liliw National High School community where I didn't just teach lessons to students but where I learned basic lessons in life both from the students and my colleagues alike.

To all of my former Co-Teachers in Liliw National High School... thank you.


Ruthilicious... absent in the Classroom, present in the Chatroom. She blogs when she is NOT Facebooking doing chores and she blogs while she is ALSO Facebooking doing chores.

To read more about her Teaching-Learning Experience... Click HERE.


Icy BC said...

It is good to have a supportive group of friends who would be there for you through thick and thin! I am happy for you!

Icy BC said...

You don't need to publish this one :-)

Click on the title of your post FIRST, then share, then mouse over the title of the blog header, chose the picture for that post, and click share..Very easy..If the description is wrong, you can chose to not display it..

That's all!

betchai said...

it is really great to have a familial support in your workplace, Ruthi, and that is one thing I miss from home.

kulasa said...

hi there Ruthiiiii!!!! missing you!!!! I can't seem to find you on FB haha....went to a trade fair in our province yesterday and saw shoes made in Liliw! was so gleeful 'cause of course I remembered the smiles of your former co-teachers...indeed it is the noblest profession and I know you remain to be one of the best educators in the world :) love yah!

Judy SheldonWalker said...

So glad you had such a supportive group to work with - co-workers make a world of difference in the work place.

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