Monday, November 5, 2012


He’s glad to see her in 1 piece after an awful landing. She’s cynical to land in 1 piece after a horrific descent. With a smile she hid her plan to ditch him for a ship Capt.  

[139 characters without spaces]


This is my take for this week's Succinctly Yours Microfiction Meme at Grandma's Goulash.

How low can you go?
Use the photo as inspiration for a story of 140 characters
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Word of the Week: cynical


kulasa said...


Shakira Choong said...

GREAT JOB!!! Ditch him for good. Great take on the photo!!!

Jim said...

Nice micro story, Ruthie.
No second chance for this fellow, 'ditch him.'

betchai said...

oh :) love it Ruthi, love always the twists of events in your short stories :)

Grandma`s Goulash said...

Now there's a difference in perspectives. I really got a smile from this one.

I've posted the answer to this week's pic question. Hope you'll stop by to check it out.

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