Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Success 101: Play!

“Go get Nick! Go get Nick!”… the kids shouted in unison. “Tag him! Tag him!”… as the adrenalin rush sent a thundering chant so loud filling the entire gym with excitement. Nick was sneaky and slippery like snake but with one quick and fast turn fueled with hormonal competitive instinct… I changed phase and tagged him! Uproar turned the gym upside down and next thing I knew my heart was up to my throat.

It was one of the best games I ever played in… [thinking… and counting] thirty five years!


I did play a lot when I was younger but I don’t think I played hard enough like these kids do under my care. I wasn’t able to play hard enough because I was afraid my trendy clothes will get dirty or ruin my hair or my nails. I wasn’t able to play hard enough because I didn’t want to get sweaty and smelly. And I wasn’t able to play hard enough because I was so busy playing “grown-up”.

As a kid… I think I was matured for my age as compared to my playmates. Back then, I was more interested in fashion and planning for my future. I was a dreamer. I had big plans for myself and set a time frame to achieve them. I had no time to play with my playmates because I thought it was just a waste of time. I had no time for childish game.

As a grown up… I feel that I missed a lot from growing up. Now, I am turning back the time. I am learning new games. Kids taught me to play games that can make my trendy clothes dirty and I don’t care if they ruin my hair or my nails. Now I am playing “tag-you-re-it” and “octopus, octopus” and I am always sweaty. Kids taught me games that I refused to learn when I was a kid because it’s too childish. Now I am playing monopoly and card games like Skip-Bo and Uno, and I love kids’ games. And kids taught me to play active games that make the time pass by so quickly. And now, I am loving every minute of it.

PLAY… For kids – it Is an essential part of growing it. For adults – it is an essential part to get in touch with the child in us. Life is too short. Take a break… relax… play… and let life pass by like a child in play… active… full of enthusiasm… and competitive.

“The world is your play ground.
Why aren’t you playing?”
~ Ellie Katz

As I always say to my kids when they are getting stationary and passive… Go Play!


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rainfield61 said...

But we think too much after growing up, and stop to try new things.

betchai said...

i definitely enjoyed my childhoods days playing and wandering around, and keeping those still as life is short, we enjoy it :)

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