Wednesday, December 21, 2011

AHA Moment: The Prom

Prom! Who didn't have a chance to experience it? Who doesn't look forward to it? And who dreaded it?

Prom! Ah, memories... memories... memories. Those were just memories.

One of the fond memories I had during my teaching career was attending the JS Prom. The Prom is one of the highlights of High School. Most students look forward to it. And most of them have their own share of Prom memories… either good or “never mind”.

You see, I went to a conservative High School under the exclusive management of Catholic Nuns. During that time, we were not allowed to have a Prom because it was inappropriate for a boy and a girl to dance. But no matter how strict the Nuns were that time, we managed to convince them to have a Prom. And we did. It was held in the classrooms…in broad daylight… in the middle of a hot humid [almost summer] day… wearing Gala Uniforms. Boys and girls did dance with each other but under the strict supervision of the Nuns patrolling the dance floor like military soldiers searching for boys and girls behaving badly.

So when I was accepted to teach in High School 1996… it was indeed the day that I really attended a Prom… in the Plaza… under the twinkling stars… in the middle of a cool [almost summer] night… wearing a Gown. I attended Prom for 11 long years. Each year is different. Each year I wore different gowns. And each year I danced my heart out.

Looking back now… I can say that I did have a wonderful High School memories both as a student and as a teacher.


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kulasa said...

and each year I'm sure you danced very gracefully and looked fabulous

Cher said...

droppin' by to wish a Fabulous Christmas and a Fruitful 2012! :)

betchai said...

beautiful thoughts Ruthi, always joyful to reminisce happy thoughts. happy holidays.

Judy SheldonWalker said...

I bet you looked great and had a ball! I have never been to a prom. My dad thought they were very wicked.

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