Sunday, November 6, 2011

Smarty Pants

"Wisdom is brilliant, she never fades. By those who love her, she is readily seen, by those who seek her, she is readily found. She anticipates those who desire her by making herself known first. Whoever gets up early to seek her will have no trouble but will find her sitting at the door." Wisdom 6:12-14
I was a smarty pants as a kid, bragging aside. Well, I give credit to my mom who was my first teacher.

I may be a smarty pants as a kid, but I was never academically inspired to do more than what I was expected. Well, maybe because my parents didn't set any high expectations of me. They just wanted me to have fun in school and learn the basic to get by in life.

I maybe a smarty pants as a kid, but my parents were smartest pants who instilled values that I realized help me become a responsible, caring, and respectful human being [bragging aside]. I may not be perfect though, but being able to go to elementary, high school and college life without being sent to "detention" for bad behavior is huge. Being able to make good choices between drugs and textbooks is huge. And having something beautiful and wonderful memories to look back is huge.

I am just a smarty pants and no biggies though I have big dreams. I do get by in life okay equipped with the basic knowledge I learned from school. But I live a meaningful life basically from the wisdom I learned from the faith my parents had in me.

Lord, thank you for the wisdom you have blessed my parents with
Thank you for giving me the wisdom to obey my parents
And thank you for guiding we with your wisdom

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betchai said...

i always love how you write, Ruthi, and the picture you have is so alive and adding more meaning to the smarty pants thoughts :) hope all is well

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