Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hindsight: The Work of a Teacher

I was watching my favorite TV show and having my cup of tea one fine night. I just had a relaxing deep tissue body massage that I regularly have on weekend nights and getting ready for bed. It was passed my bedtime but I was still in the mood for another cup of tea.

It was dark outside and most of my neighbors were already passed asleep. The dog next door must have seen something or somebody nearby that made him so agitated. His yowling was loud but not as loud as the banging noise at my front gate. I looked at the time and obviously it was late. But I had no choice but to get up from my relaxing slumber pose, put on my robe and answered the door. It was one of my student’s moms.

Ms. Orona, pasensya na po kung naabala ko kayo sa ganitong oras”. [Ms. Orona, I’m sorry to bother you at this hour.]… she said apologetically.

Hihingi lang po sana ako ng tulong sa inyo.” [I just want to ask your help.]… she continued without hesitation.

Then she said searching my face for a hint of understanding… “Puede bang pagsabihan nyo ang aking anak na makinig sa akin?” [Can you please tell my son to listen to me?]

Sa inyo lang po kasi un nakikinig eh, nahihirapan akong disiplinahin siya.” [He only listens to you. I am having a hard time disciplining him.]

End of story.


Teachers are role models. Students look up to them. They should be role models. Parents respect them. And they must be role models. Student and parents have faith in them.

As teachers we have bigger responsibility that we can imagine. Our responsibility to our students is not confined in the four corners of the classroom but rather… it goes beyond the walls of our students’ hearts.

As teachers we have a wide spectrum of challenges. Our job is not limited to teaching what is in our lesson plans but rather… it goes further than teaching them lessons in life.

And as a teacher we are accountable not only to our students but to ourselves as well. Our work does not end when our students take the school bus at the end of the day but rather… it continues when they are already at home.

And our story… never ends.


Ruthilicious... absent in the Classroom, present in the Chatroom. She blogs when she is NOT Facebooking doing chores and she blogs while she is ALSO Facebooking doing chores.

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betchai said...

"Our job is not limited to teaching what is in our lesson plans but rather… it goes further than teaching them lessons in life."--- very well said Ruthi, as always, love your thoughts. teaching is not an easy job, but the joy is enormous.

Cher said...

the very reason why i have high regards for teachers. my mom, my dad and my 2nd sister are once teachers too.

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