Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hindsight: The Work of a Teacher

I was watching my favorite TV show and having my cup of tea one fine night. I just had a relaxing deep tissue body massage that I regularly have on weekend nights and getting ready for bed. It was passed my bedtime but I was still in the mood for another cup of tea.

It was dark outside and most of my neighbors were already passed asleep. The dog next door must have seen something or somebody nearby that made him so agitated. His yowling was loud but not as loud as the banging noise at my front gate. I looked at the time and obviously it was late. But I had no choice but to get up from my relaxing slumber pose, put on my robe and answered the door. It was one of my student’s moms.

Ms. Orona, pasensya na po kung naabala ko kayo sa ganitong oras”. [Ms. Orona, I’m sorry to bother you at this hour.]… she said apologetically.

Hihingi lang po sana ako ng tulong sa inyo.” [I just want to ask your help.]… she continued without hesitation.

Then she said searching my face for a hint of understanding… “Puede bang pagsabihan nyo ang aking anak na makinig sa akin?” [Can you please tell my son to listen to me?]

Sa inyo lang po kasi un nakikinig eh, nahihirapan akong disiplinahin siya.” [He only listens to you. I am having a hard time disciplining him.]

End of story.


Teachers are role models. Students look up to them. They should be role models. Parents respect them. And they must be role models. Student and parents have faith in them.

As teachers we have bigger responsibility that we can imagine. Our responsibility to our students is not confined in the four corners of the classroom but rather… it goes beyond the walls of our students’ hearts.

As teachers we have a wide spectrum of challenges. Our job is not limited to teaching what is in our lesson plans but rather… it goes further than teaching them lessons in life.

And as a teacher we are accountable not only to our students but to ourselves as well. Our work does not end when our students take the school bus at the end of the day but rather… it continues when they are already at home.

And our story… never ends.


Ruthilicious... absent in the Classroom, present in the Chatroom. She blogs when she is NOT Facebooking doing chores and she blogs while she is ALSO Facebooking doing chores.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Subject Matter: Storm

Back home, when there was a storm, my ear would be literally glued on the radio’s speaker as I listened to the news. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out that it was not a good day. At my house, you could tell that it was indeed another not-so-dry-and-not-so-awesome-day when you see those buckets in every room almost half filed with rain water dripping from my dilapidated ceiling caused by the leakage on my rusted roof. We had a storm signal number 3 and for a teacher like me… it was a good sign.

It means no classes… no students to deal with… another lesson plan spared!

[2008 Ice Storm in Maine]

Storm is Mother Nature’s lesson plan. It teaches us lessons of survival. It gives us a chance to see blessings in a different light. And it helps us to hone some skills to get through with tough times.

Dry spell likewise, is Mother Nature’s teaching tools. It equips us with strength to face hardship. It allows us to use our God-given abilities to live life to the fullest. And more importantly, it gives us an opportunity to grow strongly rooted on the ground to weather any storm.


Ruthilicious... absent in the Classroom, present in the Chatroom. She blogs when she is NOT Facebooking doing chores and she blogs while she is ALSO Facebooking doing chores.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Success 101: Take Responsibility

I once had a chance to attend a whole day training required by the State for Child Care licensing. It was a very enlightening and productive training except for the crappy weather. And one of the things that really struck me was the topic on the “responsibility” of a child care provider and/or teacher.

This pledge made a great impact on me in such a way that I thought it would be nice to share it here.

A Pledge of Responsibility for Children

We are responsible for children
…..who put chocolate fingers everywhere,
… to be tickled,
…..who stomp in puddles and ruin their new pants,
…..who sneak Popsicles before supper,
…..can never find their shoes.
And we are responsible for children
…..can’t bound down the street in a new pair of sneakers,
…..who are born in places we wouldn’t be caught dead,
…..who never go to the circus,
…..who live in an x-rated world.
We are responsible for children
…..who bring us sticky kisses and fistfuls of dandelions,
…..who sleep with the dog and bury the goldfish,
…..who cover themselves with Band-aids and sing off key,
…..who squeeze toothpaste all over the sink,
…..who slurp their soup.
…..who never get dessert,
…..who have no blanket to drag behind them,
…..who watch their parents watch them die,
…..who can’t find any bread to steal,
…..who don’t have any rooms to clean up,
…..whose pictures aren’t on anybody’s dresser,
…..whose monsters are real.
We are responsible for children
…..who spend all their allowance before Tuesday,
…..who throw tantrums in the grocery store and pick at their food,
…..who like ghost stories,
…..who shove dirty clothes under the bed and never rinse out the tub,
…..who get visits from the tooth fairy,
…..who don’t like to be kissed in front of the carpool,
…..whose tears we sometimes laugh at, and
…..whose smiles can make us cry.
We are responsible for children
…..whose nightmares come in the daytime,
…..who will eat anything,
…..who have never seen a dentist,
…..who aren’t spoiled by anybody,
…..who go to bed hungry and cry themselves to sleep,
…..who live and move, but have no being.
We are responsible for children
…..who want to be carried and for those who must,
…..for those we never give up on and
…..for those who don’t get a second chance,
…..for those we smother, … and
…..for those who will grab the hand of anybody kind enough to offer it.

~Ina Hughes~


As a teacher… I am responsible to teach my students not just the basic skills to help them live a normal life but life-lessons that will help them live a productive life.

As a mentor… I am responsible to mold them to become not just responsible citizen but hone their abilities and God-given talents to help them became effective contributors of the society.

As a human being… I am responsible to provide them not only endless opportunities to see themselves as important individuals but to give them a chance to share their blessings to humanity.

These are the reasons why there are teachers who despite their meager salary chose to teach the children even the unteachable ones… why there are mentors who despite rich opportunities being offered to them opted to render valuable time to hone children’s’ skills and teach those who lack them… and why there are human beings who despite their weaknesses are willing to share their time and talents to give students the strengths that they deserve.


Ruthilicious... absent in the Classroom, present in the Chatroom. She blogs when she is NOT Facebooking doing chores and she blogs while she is ALSO Facebooking doing chores.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hindsight: Sentiments

Having been out of work for more than a year when I first move here gave me the stress I have never experienced when I was still working. Strange but true. Work is one of the reasons why people are stressed out. But I have never realized that being at home and not working is more stressful than having a real job. Well, I guess housework is a real job now.

I have also realized that housework is more taxing than making lesson plans, checking papers, computing grades and other teaching-related functions that I used to do. My mind is more restless just to think what I will cook for supper than when I was thinking about the next lesson to teach my students.

Well, being a stay-at-home wife is a noble profession. And just like any profession, you also get some benefits from it. You may not get paid as much as a regular employee but certainly you get the rewards that you cannot get elsewhere.

That was my sentiments four years ago.


Fast forward to the future… my sentiments turned 360 degrees. I got the job and I should be happy and stress-free. Surprisingly, I am not. Is it normal? Is it just a passing of time? Is it just human instinct? Is it just common as common cold? Is it just seasonal as the season? Or is it just me, being a wimp?

Rewind to the present... my sentiments went down like a mercury to freezing point. I want to cool down, lay low and slow down. I want to have more time at home even just doing chores because I don't have time no more and my laundry is mountainous, my dishes pile is gigantic and my mess in the bedroom is phenomenal. Now, here I am being a wimp.

Moments like these come and go. Holding on or holding your head up above waters makes the difference. Life is always a learning and re-learning experience. And only one thing is sure… it is always inevitable. Yes, I am indeed a wimp. hayyy


Ruthilicious... absent in the Classroom, present in the Chatroom. She blogs when she is NOT Facebooking doing chores and she blogs while she is ALSO Facebooking doing chores.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Smarty Pants

"Wisdom is brilliant, she never fades. By those who love her, she is readily seen, by those who seek her, she is readily found. She anticipates those who desire her by making herself known first. Whoever gets up early to seek her will have no trouble but will find her sitting at the door." Wisdom 6:12-14
I was a smarty pants as a kid, bragging aside. Well, I give credit to my mom who was my first teacher.

I may be a smarty pants as a kid, but I was never academically inspired to do more than what I was expected. Well, maybe because my parents didn't set any high expectations of me. They just wanted me to have fun in school and learn the basic to get by in life.

I maybe a smarty pants as a kid, but my parents were smartest pants who instilled values that I realized help me become a responsible, caring, and respectful human being [bragging aside]. I may not be perfect though, but being able to go to elementary, high school and college life without being sent to "detention" for bad behavior is huge. Being able to make good choices between drugs and textbooks is huge. And having something beautiful and wonderful memories to look back is huge.

I am just a smarty pants and no biggies though I have big dreams. I do get by in life okay equipped with the basic knowledge I learned from school. But I live a meaningful life basically from the wisdom I learned from the faith my parents had in me.

Lord, thank you for the wisdom you have blessed my parents with
Thank you for giving me the wisdom to obey my parents
And thank you for guiding we with your wisdom

Thursday, November 3, 2011

be creative

Be creative! It's one easy way to express one's frustration.

- Ruthi Orona-Gregoire -

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Homework: Wanna Bet?

It was just an ordinary morning at work. About few minutes before the school bell rang, my staff approached me and told me… “That teacher is so mean!

I was surprised by his remark then out of curiosity I asked him… “Why? What did she do?

She told the kid to sit, in a very mean way.” He replied.

The kid might not be listening and had to tell him again in a more authoritative way.” I said.

Well, she could have said it differently.” He said judgingly.

I laughed by his remarked and said… “When you become a teacher, you’ll see, you will lose it too.”

No, I will be kind and nice and the best teacher ever and kids will love me because I will always be nice.” He replied very confidently.

I just laughed and said… “You don’t know what you are talking about. Trust me!

Wanna bet?” he snapped quickly so sure of himself.

FAST FORWARD:Are you threatening me? Do you think I am scared of your mother?” Those were just some of the words that I clearly heard my [same] staff was saying that very afternoon when one of the kids was arguing with him about “breaking the rules” issues. His face was so red and his voice was a little frustrated and perturbed. It was the first time I saw him so pissed off and the first time I heard him raised his voice.

He totally lost it!

I should have placed my bet! Darn!


When I was “not” a teacher yet, I have these entire huge plans for my future dream career. I was able to picture in my mind the kind of teacher I will be and the kind of teacher I will not be so that kids will love me. I was all so consumed by my idealism that one day… I will change the world.

When I was a teacher, I came face to face with the reality of my [then] future dream career. I was able to find the hard truth of what kind of a teacher I am and the kind of teacher I am not. I was devastated by my own idealism and one day… I changed not the world but my personal perception in life.

When I was no longer a teacher, I still dream of an idealistic career that will change the world. Teaching is a noble profession and indeed the best venue to start making the difference. I am not saying that I totally lost my faith in my profession but rather. .. I learned that the world is not what you think it is so I changed my mind.

What I am saying now is that when I finally become a teacher I became more realistic than idealistic. Teaching truly brought out the best and the worst in me. It is the best time of my life when I fully comprehend the true meaning of compassion, patience, understanding, perseverance and humility. On the other hand, I realized that I too have weaknesses… that I am vulnerable and that there are things that I cannot change because it is what it is. My teaching career taught me that life indeed.. is full of surprises.


Ruthilicious... absent in the Classroom, present in the Chatroom. She blogs when she is NOT Facebooking doing chores and she blogs while she is ALSO Facebooking doing chores.

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