Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Subject Matter: Rules

just had a thought of you.. Before, I was asking myself even other people why you hated me, why you were so mean to me. Then as time goes by and as I’m growing older, I realized that I was stubborn, and blinded to see what’s your real intention. I realized you didn’t want to do those things to me, you just needed to. You want me and everyone to be prepared on what to come. I was able to apply things I’ve learned from you and I’m still applying them. You’re one of the people whom I consider my treasured mentor. So I think its never too late to say ‘Thank you’.. So thank you Ma’am. Continue inspiring and spreading thoughts to others even those being learned the hard way. Sooner or later, they will realize you’re just doing it out of concern and for their betterment just like what you did to me! Take care!

… it was a message I got on my “wall” in my Facebook. It was from a former student who happens to be a relative too. It was something I didn’t see coming.


As a teacher, I consider myself strict. As a strict teacher, I consider myself brutally strict. I can’t help it. I was raised by a disciplinarian. However, I am not really proud of it.

As a teacher, I expect my students to follow rules. But I know how hard it is especially when you are young and foolish. I was once young and foolish but even then I always have some reservations on certain things because my mom set some boundaries. But still it didn’t stop me to break some rules. And I am not really proud of it, either.

As a teacher, I knew my students had a hard time dealing with me. I knew how scared they were every time I entered the classroom. And I knew some  of them surely had wet their pants when I started calling out names from my index cards. But I certainly not proud of it, too.

As a teacher, sure I was strict. But then if you are my students you don’t have to worry about anything if you just know how to follow rules. Rules are not made to make things easier but rather to make things right. Rules are not drawn to punish a person who break them but rather to avoid punishment all together. And rules are not written to accommodate the person who implements them but rather to execute proper guidelines. And trust me... those who follow the rules turned out to be the persons that I hope them to be. And, I'M PROUD OF IT!


Ruthilicious... absent in the Classroom, present in the Chatroom. She blogs when she is NOT Facebooking doing chores and she blogs while she is ALSO Facebooking doing chores.

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rainfield61 said...

Then, a strict teacher has made blogging becomes part of the daily chores.

betchai said...

i share your teaching philosophy Ruthi, well written :)

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