Friday, August 5, 2011

Time Flies

I hear myself complain a lot of time - that... I don't have time. Why? How much time does one need if twenty four hours are not enough?
I hear myself rant most of the time - that... I'm running out of time. Why? Where did time go if it did run out?
And I hear myself whine a few time - that... this is not the time. Why? When is the right time?
Time flies. Even without wings.
Time heals. Sometimes leaving scars.
Time's free. But indeed priceless.
Lord, thank you for giving me the time to thank you for all the blessings that you did take the time to give me.
Forgive me for not having the time to always be grateful for your kindness.
Grand me a grateful heart that I may always find time to be humble and kind to others.
NOTE: Photos did not go any editing process except for the addition of the watermark to establish ownership.


betchai said...

beautiful prayer Ruthi, and very beautiful photos too. You need not edit your photos, they are awesome. I actually have more appreciation for unedited photos, sometimes the true beauty and meaning is lost already with too much editing.

betchai said...

Ruthi girl, if you get a chance, check my post on sunshine award, i did not tag you, i thanked you :) for being one of my earliest blogging friends and mentor :)

rainfield61 said...

We are treated equally: to have 24 hours a day.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well---24 hours is all we get, so I guess complaining doesn't do much good...BUT--we all complain, don't we? I always run out of time before going to bed at night... But--we also need our sleep!!!! SO----I just put away the day and go to bed, happy that I had another wonderful and BUSY day... ha
P.S. Gorgeous photos of the butterflies.

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