Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hindsight: Who's the best?

I was busy writing down receipts from the payments I received from parents when I suddenly felt the cold wind brushed against my already cold cheeks. I knew someone came in because that cold wind must have come from an open door. It was only a quarter past six in the morning and I somehow had a clue who must have just arrived.

There she was clad in a wrinkled pink tops with the hem falling apart and a matching stained sweatpants. Her hair was a mess just like every morning and her face has traces of dried drool. I could tell that she was tired and still sleepy and had to force herself to get out of the bed because Dad has to go to work early.

As usual, I called her and asked her to go to the bathroom and wash her face. She did just what I told her without argument. After a couple of minutes she was back and she sat beside me. Then I asked if she wanted me to fix her hair. She just looked at me and nodded her messy head.

I started combing her hair. I was too careful not to hurt her because there were tangles all over. I brought out my plastic bag of elastic bands and asked her to choose a color. She took out 2 red bands and handed them to me. I tied her hair in pig tails and I instantly saw her beautiful face.

There, I can see your face again.” I said. And her eyes lighted up and she smiled shyly. She stood up and went back to the bathroom to check herself in the mirror.

After a couple of minutes she was back and told me… “Thank you Miss Ruthi… You are the best.” Then, she hugged me.


You are the best!

The word lingers as I drove home after that morning shift.

For 11 long years of being a teacher, I was used to hear those words. And it was only now that it made a great impact on me. It was only now when I was no longer a teacher that the word made sense to me. And it was only now that I realized how important a simple concern given to a child will make a great difference in a person.

When I started working as a Site Leader for the YMCA’s School Aged Enrichment Program, I was not really too excited. As an educator, I know that I am under-employed. But I have no choice. It was the only job available that time. So I took it. Eventually, I learned to love my work simply because I didn’t have to deal with a lot of headache that I used to deal with when I was still a teacher.

My job may not be as noble as the teacher’s but I guess I am making a big impact on the lives of the children under my care just by being the caring person that they don’t find at home.

My job may be as simple as watching kids and keeping them safe and happy before their parents pick them up after work but I guess I have made them happy individuals that their parents can be proud of.

And my job may be as easy as just playing, laughing and hanging out with them but I guess I was able to have fun too which I missed when I was still a full time teacher.

This job, definitely changes my point of view and perspective in life.


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