Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Success 101: The Good Teacher

People are basically proud of their achievements. Who aren't? Achievements give people a sense of pride and power.


some people are also basically humble of their achievements. Why not? Achievements sometimes give people a sense of humility too.


achievements can make people either proud or humble.

If there is a season I really hate… it’s election season – the worse season we could ever had. It’s worse than winter. I hate it because political hopefuls are all self-righteous. They are all bragging about their achievements left and right while accusing each other of their personal weaknesses.

It’s so depressing.

One day someone asked me, “are you a good teacher?

I was caught off guard. That was the first time that I don’t have an instant answer to an instant question. I don’t know how to answer that question though deep in my heart I have an idea.

Ask my students,” was my only reply.


Honestly, I don’t really know the answer. I am not in any position to say that I am a good teacher because self-evaluation is not always reliable. It is always bias. But if there is anyone who is more qualified to say if I am a good teacher… maybe you should ask my students. They are the ones who surely know the answer. They are the ones who are capable of answering that tricky question. And they are the ones who are really qualified to judge me.

Being humble doesn’t mean that you should not brag about your achievement. It’s alright to brag if you want to inspire other people of your achievements. But to brag about it to compare yourself with other people and to put shame on them is another story.

Humility is a virtue. People are given a chance to acquire it. But not all are successful.


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betchai said...

as always, I love your words, thoughts and insights Ruthi.

BBC said...

it’s election season.

It's always election season here, this political system is a high priced piece of shit.

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