Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Subject Matter: Decision Making

I wrote up 3 kids the other day for playing.

It’s was just another ordinary Friday afternoon and as expected I was multi-tasking – watching several kids doing beads bracelets at the “Crank it Up” station… doing the summary report of students’ attendance… computing the kids “steps” for the AOM program… writing receipts for child care payments… and updating my Y board.

I was in the middle of my Friday multi-tasking toil when one of my preschooler girls approached me showing me her bruised forehead. I had to stop whatever I was doing to get an ice pack and asked her what happened. According to her, they were playing outside and another kid threw a stick at her and hit her on the forehead.

Apparently, three kids decided to play a game. There is only one rule of the game… throw sticks at each other.

“Did you make the right choice today?” was my first question when I asked them about the incident. And they all quickly answered, “No!”


Making choices is one thing. Making the “right” choices is another.

Everyday we are faced with many choices. From the moment we open our eyes to the time we close them, choices are made. The consequences of those choices depend on how well we judge things because it can make or break us.

The kids made a bad choice that day. They knew that the game they played was not safe. They knew the consequences of the choices they made. And they knew that they will be in big trouble for playing that game [because they know the Y rules… no throwing of things at people] but still they played the game.

Is it the thrill? Is it the challenge? Or is it the ability of human spirit to test his limitation?

I did make a lot of wrong choices in the past and the decision I made had a permanent impact in my life. I did have some regrets and wish that I had a second chance to undo what I did but then, not a lot of people are given a second chance. I just hope that I will always make the right choices in life and never try to test my limitation that will jeopardize my future.


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betchai said...

what a very reflective question you pose to the kids Ruthi, I do the same thing when I talk to my students about discipline issues, I do not tell them what they did is wrong, but rather I ask them to write a reflection on what choices they had and what they did that is not acceptable, and how can they correct that wrong choice if they have a chance. usually kids respond better to this question and reflection than telling them what they did is wrong, or getting mad at them. that way, i do not have to deal with their emotions too. being older now, i take more care in my actions that will not jeopardize my future, well, even the words that I say and the pictures I share in blogosphere or in Facebook then :( whenever i think by doind such will jeopardize my future or my job, I stop myself.

I Love-Hate America by Bing said...

The good thing is not only you who is experiencing this....every one is. And everyone is given a chance, but not everyone looks it with a new attitude and a new resolve ...but you are humble enough to admit that. I don't know what you believe, but I tell you for me there is a God who gives us second chances again and again . And the great thing about God is that He gives us instructions to lead us in making the right decisions. If our decisions are selfish and are based only by what we think is good for us and not what God wants for us....then we will always end up making mistakes. This is the hardest lesson I ever learned in my life....and good thing God gave me a chance. Now all I do is whenever I'm faced with a decision, God is my first consultant.

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