Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Subject Matter: Patience

One of the best lessons I learned from my students is patience. I had to admit “Patience” is not my middle name. It has never been and [I thought] it will never be. But surprise… surprise… who could have thought that one day I would wake up to a brand new day with the word ‘patience’ written all over my forehead?

Teaching is a continuous and endless lesson of patience, so to speak. Trying to understand teaching in that context, the teaching profession is for the patient and gifted people with compassion for kids who are both patient and impatient. They say that the teaching profession is a noble vocation but they did not say that you should be a saint to be one. However, you are considered a good person if you are a teacher because patience is a virtue. And that virtue it is enough to be able to handle kids with great compassion. So, “Why did I become a teacher?”… You would ask. “I don’t know.”… I would reply back.

Here is the thing. My reasons may be shallow and selfish but somehow along the way I have realized that they are the only way I could make that drastic decision to change career and see the teaching profession in an entirely different light. My reasons are too shallow that looking back now, I could just give a shrug and laugh about it. My reasons are shallow alright but they are my redeeming factor to change my middle name to “Patience”.

It was not that easy. Being used to my old ways, it was not easy to make some changes to become an effective teacher. I had to admit I failed a lot of times. But I am also proud that I always stood back up each time that I fell. And for those 11 long years of dealing with patience and self-control, I had to admit I become the person that I thought I’ll never be. And for that… I have my students to thank for.

Now that I am no longer in the classroom and don’t have to deal with students, still… “Patience” works well with me. I am now using my acquired “middle name” to deal with my daily routine. I use my middle name to deal with my Hubby and my 9-year old step-son who is diagnosed with autism spectrum. My middle name helps me deal with my new life out of my comfort zone… with my new found family… with the culture shock… and with my future as an out-of-school teacher.

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To read more about her Teaching-Learning Experience... Click HERE.


sweetmemoirs said...

patience is definitely not my middle name either! lol!
btw, i posted something for Grateful Heart but i couldn't find your link...

kulasa said...

enjoyed reading...and happy to hear you have become that person you never thought you would be:)

I Love-Hate America by Bing said...

I am having difficulty in being patient too. But I am trying and I think I'm getting better but sometimes there are still things like "disrespect" that kills my patience. People who don't show their courtesy are the ones easily ticking me off ...but oh Lord, I am asking Your help to grant me more patience.

♥~Judy~♥ said...

We had a Sunday school teacher once who taught us not to pray for patience because patience has to be tested to be acquired. lol Sounds like you are having yours tested & have come a long way in gaining that trait.

God bless!

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