Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hindsight: No Kidding

I was watching the Today Show one day and one of the feature news is about No Kidding – a unique International non-profit organization devoted to singles and people who are “child-free by choice”. In simpler term… this is the organization for people who don’t only have any kids but they have no kids because they don’t want any, period!

Well, in our present imperfect society, we are all familiar with the typical nuclear family system which we all know has evolved into different categories in our now more complicated culture and altered social orientation. However, despite this truth, when we talk about family we always think that it is not complete without kids. Without kids… there is no such thing as family or so we think.

I am not a member of No Kidding or its British counterpart – Kidding Aside which is a more politically motivated movement on the other side of the planet nor have anything against having kids. In fact I do want to have a kid and almost had one until that fateful day in April of 2008. Since then, my desire to have kids have diminished but not totally forgotten. But given a choice, at my age which is both physical and psychological a disadvantage on my part and with my step-son’s Autism, my desire on having my own is taking a back seat until God decides on my future.

Working with kids for almost half of my life, I know I will make a good mom. Kids taught me compassion, patience, humility, commitment and endurance. Working with kids keeps me young and energetic. But like any other job, it is also exhausting, draining, and frustrating in some aspects.

Working with kids for the longest time now… experiencing their ups and downs… being able to survive each day without dealing with their tantrums and whatnots or without breaking down, I know I am done with kids. Hahahaha.

In my personal opinion, I find kids cute. They are adorable and charming but they can turn into little monsters given a particular time of the day or a specific trigger to activate an outburst. Their sweet little faces and fascinating innocence make me smile but their meltdown melts me down, literally. They are funny but messy and I hate cleaning up. And being able to see both sides of the coin I know that there are advantages and disadvantages of not having kids. To be able to send them back to their parents after the day or when things are not turning up well is just one advantages. [LOL] Needless to say, raising kids nowadays don’t only take a lot of courage, patience and understanding but financial consideration too. And I can go on and on - on almost all aspects but still, it everything is highly debate-able, isn't it? So why bother, anyway?

In my line of work, I somehow gained some expertise on kids. You don’t need to be a parent to be able to know if you can raise a child because I believe that not all parents are capable of raising one. Trust me! There are parents who should not have kids at all.

On the hindsight, I think that kids are cute up to 5 years old ONLY. When they grow older and begin to analyze things themselves and gain more independence and knowledge, they are not that cute anymore. If only they can be very independent and can start working for themselves at that age… they should move out and live on their own once they reached age 5. hahahaha AND YES... I AM JUST KIDDING, of course. The bottom line is - kids are amazingly-difficult-but-horrifyingly-adorable-god's-little-angels-who-can-magically-cast-a-witch's-evil-spell on anyone with their little sweet smile to get what they want. wink*

To those who do not want to have more kids or don’t really want any… working with them is the best Birth Control everno side effects! But kidding aside… a child is a blessing and this I still believe is – true, period!


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♥~Judy~♥ said...

Ruthi, two of my children could bring me to tears while helping them do their homework. Exasperating!! But finally came the light bulb moments. Oh, I love and adore my children but they truly reach inside our reserves and pull out more than we ever knew we had. Make sense? God bless!

Mary said...

I appreciate both the fun and the seriousness in your wise observations, Ruthi. I was so sorry to read of your loss in the April 2008 post. You are a strong and resilient person--thanks for your reflections.

rainfield61 said...

Little kids are cute. They become complicated after growing older and older.

Self Sagacity said...

there is a lot of truths in what you wrote. they are soooo cute and edible- yup to that point. then they grow up and as parents you have to let them go through their experiences and feel with them. no longer can you teach them. you only hope they listen to a word or two from you. in all is it worth all the pain and the suffering? no, but we keep making the same mistakes, or not? :-)

kulasa said...

"kids are amazingly-difficult-but-horrifyingly-adorable-god's-little-angels-who-can-magically-cast-a-witch's-evil-spell on anyone with their little sweet smile to get what they want"

...i totally agree....happens to me all the time, my sons only have to say the magic words, smile and kiss and hug me and poof they get whatever it is they want:) i mishu sis:)

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