Monday, March 14, 2011

On Getting Older

I turn 46 today!

I woke up this morning and all of a sudden I am 46 years old. BAM! Just like that! Ah, the miracle of life! [LOL] So what did a 46-year old woman does when she woke up and realized that she just turned a year older? She checked herself in the mirror!
As I looked myself in the mirror I saw the same old face with amazing features - puffy eyes with dark circles around them due to lack of sleep [blame it to Facebook and blogging]... dry, flaky dull skin [blame it to winter]... quite a few strands of gray hair sticking out her hairline around a broad forehead [blame it to ceramic flat iron]... and chapped dehydrated lips [blame it to Maine weather].
Then, I looked harder and I saw the same person who is not much different from the old one who constantly makes mistakes and tries her best to correct them. I saw the same old human being without any inhibitions in life and willing to take what life has to offer - one mistake or blessing... at a time. And I saw the same old woman who never stops dreaming dreams and working hard to achieve them.
I turn 46 today and I really don't know how much time I still have left in my hand. 46 years old is not too old and yet it isn't too young either. Looking back I had so many regrets but I don't have any plans to sulk and dwell on them. Life is too short and I still have a lot of things that I need or dream to do and accomplish. And yes, there is no time for me to be stagnant because opportunities are everywhere and ours for the taking.
I am 46 years old. Not too old but not too young anymore. I accomplished quite a few in the past 45 years of my life and I am hopeful that I can achieve some more to add to my legacy. I am 46 years old and I refuse to slow down... or stop... or give up. There are lots of things I want to do and I have half of my lifetime to achieve them. I just need to celebrate life today... and tomorrow - I am back to work. I will work to achieve more of my dreams.


kulasa said...

you are for certain one of the most beautiful 40 something women i ever met in this lifetime sis:) inspire me more than you'll ever know..that glowing smile that mirrors a beautiful soul..that enthusiasm for life...those sparkling talking eyes...i love everything about you friend...i wish you many more birthdays to pretty sure you will always look great because you are simply "ruthilicious you"...

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Ruthi, first have a wonderful birthday. You are beautiful inside and out and with age we mellow, have more wisdom and confidence and it only gets better.

Have a Happy Birthday :)

I Love-Hate America by Bing said...

Your views about aging are exceptional. It's good to be proud about getting older because wisdom comes with age.
Anyway, you don't look as old as you think.
Gray hair can be colored, puffy eyes can be eliminated and dry skin can be moisturized. But past experiences and past mistakes cannot be undone or rewound...the best thing you can do is to learn from them and go on. said...

Well said, Ruthi! Was just starting to read all your articles. Love your blogs! Take care!

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