Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ruthilicious' Crisis


Here is the thing. Now that my dream blog finally came true, I have a big problem with it too. I don’t know what “concept” I should put into it. I mean, I needed to make it distinct from the other blogs that I have. And who doesn’t want that? Of course, I want this to be as unique as the others.

I have a “Tagalog” blog [which is inactive now] which is written in my native language where I wrote about my life as a [legal] Alien in a foreign land and everything under the sun or the star of the “spangled banner”. I have a blog where I write everything about my role as a wife and a [wicked] step-mother (just joking on that last one). I have a blog where I write my basic everyday experience and encounter with people and situations and some monetary-generating ads (Read: anything goes).

I have a blog where I write about my reflections on my life and its many blessings and mysteries. I have a blog where I write about my take on things and issues (Caution: This is personal so this is subjective.) I have a blog on spiritual reflections (this one is really serious… to the max.) I also have a special blog for my Hubby to promote his craft and passion. And aside from my personal blogs, I also co-author 2 more… one, where I write everything I know about intercultural marriage [since I am into one] and another about anything-and-everything-goes kind of issues plus some ads. And with that… Me – being a “workaholic” is the ultimate understatement of the year.

And so what else do I need to know? What else do I need to share? What else have I not written about? I do have some idea. Of course, I always do. That’s what really gets me into this kind of trouble, after all. But what the heck! I am a frustrated writer and an unrelenting blogger so I deserve it. So maybe, just maybe writing about me… as a complete woman… can be a good concept.

Geez, I really don’t know. Maybe I am running out of ideas now. Maybe my brain has gone down the drain of exhaustion. Maybe I need a break. Maybe tomorrow I will come up with a new thing. Maybe I will. Just maybe.

That was my predicament every time I come up with the new blog. Who doesn't? Ask any blogger around, they will tell you the same. And any blogger around knows deep in his heart - once a blogger always a blogger.

Well, I finally got this "crisis" thingy figured out [for now]. No, I will not have a "meme" kind of concept. That is too - meme-ish. hahaha

I just go for the "teaching-learning concept" with a matching "logo" [with accompanying explanations just like the one below]. And I hope to someday publish some of the write-ups written by my former students - to be able to share with you the impact of my influence on them. HAHAHA...

Kidding aside, I have some former students who remained connected to me and are now doing great in their personal lives. It is an educator's pride to know that his students did learn from his lessons.


Ruthilicious... absent in the Classroom, present in the Chatroom. She blogs when she is NOT Facebooking doing chores and she blogs while she is ALSO Facebooking doing chores.

To read more about her Teaching-Learning Experience... Click HERE.


Icy BC said...

I'm glad you've figure out with blogging Ruthi..I have to keep mine going, and leaning so much on the side of just photos posting..

betchai said...

haha, you are so funny Ruthi, absent in the classroom, present in the chatroom :) well, I am present in the classroom, and moonlights here :)

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Ruthi, you are hilarious and so humble. You have not failed as a teacher, your students can attest to that. I was fortunate to sub for 6 years and one of the things that absolutely thrill me is when a former student runs up to me in a store and has to hug me. The impact and connection is limitless. You go girl!

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