Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not an AHA Moment But will Get there

Definitely Not Another AHA Moment

For one whole week now… I have spent more time in this blog… lay-outing, fixing, changing, re-installing, redesigning, rewriting, and re-doing bits and pieces of everything that is related to this blog. It was time consuming but fun. And as a mom of a new born baby… my attention is focused in this one. My energy is poured on this one. My entire life exists solely on this one. But I am not complaining. I am having a real good time doing everything for this blog. I am excited and always inspired to do anything for this blog. And I can get as much inspiration I need to get me going for this blog. The only downside is that… I neglect my other 6 babies who are equally in need of my attention. My Bad!

Of course, I can give a lot of alibis for being so mean. But as a mom of my 6 other blogs, I have a responsibility to them too. Of course, I can get away with this crime without feeling the guilt. But as a mother of my 6 other blogs, I have to play fair with my other babies too. Of course, I have the right to do what I want. But as a parent of my 6 other blogs, I need to make a reliable time management to manage and handle them all.

This is not really one of my AHA moments. This is definitely my honest-to-goodness OMG moment. Now, I have a plan so that I can be a good mom [of my ever growing blog family]. And so I came up with this promises that I hope I can keep. [Cross your fingers, too]

1. I solemnly promise that this is the last blog I will ever have.
2. I do solemnly promise that I will try my best to write post/s to each of my other 6 blogs at least once a week.
3. And I solemnly swear that I will give all my blogs fair and equal treatment.


And I promise too… that I will take blogbirth control (if there is such thing) so that my babies will not have more siblings who will get my attention away from them. After this last one… I am going to have an “IUD” attached to my prolific-blog-addict fallopian tube so that I will no longer procreate.


Fast Forward to... TODAY.

That was my predicament 3 years ago during the conception of Ruthilicious. Now, I am in the same predicament because I need to reinvent Ruthilicious.

So today, I have decided to re-post all the old write-ups I had at Ruthilicious [and will come up with new ones once all the old posts have been published] and they will be "tagged" under Ruthilicious. I will have a special logo that goes with every post for easy identification.
[This is the LOGO that will go with every Ruthilicious Post.]

For more clarification... all posts under Ruthilicious are basically about my Teaching-Learning Experiences. I will post one experience every WEDNESDAY [if I am not busy, of course (wink*) and I will have an alibi if I cannot deliver the goods on time. LOL].

Yes, it is indeed the best strategy to keep this blog afloat and maintain its PR [HA!]. But kidding aside, this is my best shot to continue teaching [the unconventional way] and hope that I will also continue to learn from others who will read them.


betchai said...

you are so funny and witty Ruthi :) blogbirth control :) okay, go for it :)

Self Sagacity said...

Yes, i can see the predicament. If I ever had six blogs, I would go on blogbirth control too. But aside from that, you are superwomanmar to have had that many blog babies!

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