Friday, February 4, 2011

The Gift of Friendship

Friends are gifts... that is why they are special.
Friends are precious... that is why they are rare.
Friends are inspiring... that is why they are treasured.
Half of the time we choose our friends... the other half - they choose us. And it is our choice if we want to keep the friendship.
Most of the time we became friends with people we already know. People we grew up together... people we went to school with... or even with people we fought against with.
But sometimes we also stumble upon some rare yet very special people whom we met from the most unexpected places... in the most unconventional way... on almost unthinkable manner... and they turned out to be real good friends.
Rare it may seem but unconventional friendship like this is as precious as it can be. And because of this, I am grateful to such precious blogger friends who unselfishly gave - The Gift of Friendship.


rainfield61 said...

Life will be lonely without good friends.

betchai said...

wow, love always your posts Ruthi, so rich with food for thoughts, I am with you, friends so make our world better and lighter, and so so love the pictures here.

Self Sagacity said...

Beautiful B&W photos! Especially the one with you gals in it.

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