Friday, October 29, 2010


What is it about the pumpkin?
It is not only about the pie or the goodies. It is all about the seeds of thanksgiving.
What is fall without pumpkin?
It is not only about the planting and the harvesting of the crops. It is all about giving thanks for a bountiful life.
What is Halloween without pumpkin?
It is not only about Jack-O-Lantern and the whole lot of creepiest tell-tales of  the underworld. It is about giving a shade of light to darkness.
What is life without pumpkin?
It is not only about the veggie and it's ability to conquer hunger. It is about God's blessing and caring for his people not to go hungry. 
Thank you for the Pumpkin!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Ruthi, What a neat post... Yes---I love Pumpkins in the Fall also. I decorate with them ---but still use the orange ones. I'm not sure I like those white ones yet.... (Too old-fashioned)......

One thing which I do LOVE: Pumpkin Ice Cream... Yum Yum...

Happy Halloween.

rainfield61 said...

"Thank you for highlighting all these."

The pumpkin said.

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Ruthi, I love pumpkins and just came across a new frozen entree called pumpkin ravioli. Yum, it is good.

Love your post.

Self Sagacity said...

Ruthi, Ruthi, what wonderful words and comparisons. You are so insightful, thanks for shedding the light on other ways to look at the pumpkin, the darkness, and the seeds.

DoanLegacy said...

Yes, pumpkins and mums are the symbols of fall..beautiful photos, and thought..

sweetmemoirs said...

oh, you never fail to touch my heart Ruthi! i am blessed to be your friend... ~ Cher

Lon said...

I love the way you wrote this Ruthi, it has such wonderful meaning, and these pictures are great!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

God Bless you Ruthi!!!

betchai said...

another wonderful and meaningful post from you Ruthi, the images come out with deeper meaning with your words.

Icy BC said...

This is such a beautiful post Ruthi..Gorgeous pumpkin photos!

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