Friday, September 17, 2010

Work and Gem

“The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.” Oscar Wilde

Work is like gem.
So precious when it is scarce... so ordinary when it is abundant.

Gem is like work.
So valuable to the one who enjoys it... so common to the one whose interest is fading away.

Work and Gem.
Both important and essential... yet both rigid and pompous.

We oftentimes see work as a way of making a living.
We sometimes find work as a way of life.
And other times we feel work as a way of enjoying life.

Life if tough enough without it
and it is indeed a blessing to have one.
Lord, I pray that those who are out of work
Will be able to find one and survive this tough life.


Ginny said...

Work and gem, what a concept and comparison!! How strange and beautiful. Each can be hard and cold, but so much wanted. Very good post, makes me think!

betchai said...

you never run out of rich thoughts to ponder Ruthi, i kind of work for all those you mentioned, i enjoy it, i love it, i go home happy yet even physicall tired, and well, have to find a living too :(

Tes said...

Beautiful thoughts, dear Ruthi! Very good reminder to all of us. On days when things do not seem to work out and I feel like complaining, I close my eyes and remind myself of the days when I did not have a job for five months!

rainfield61 said...

I thought you will write “The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself are the boss"

Ruth said...

what a beautiful post. work and gem... ah i never thought of that.. thanks for this reminder of how much we need to be thankful to God for the job we have..:)

thanks for stopping by earlier and leaving me sweet comments.


Icy BC said...

Beautiful pictures, and words to ponder, Ruthi!

Lon Anderson said...

Beautiful clever photos, Ruthi, and wonderfully said!!! I am, ever so grateful to God for being able to have a job for me and my wife to live in this world that we're in today. So once again, I too . . . thank God!!!

Self Sagacity said...

Yes, it's important. Thanks for the prayers, hopefully I will find a job one day again.

Self Sagacity said...

Yes, work is precious when seeking for work. But it is still work, and politics and lots of stress, until you find work that you enjoy- like blogging- perhaps? Wink. Don't you agree?

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