Friday, July 30, 2010

I am not an only child

I am not an only child. I wish I were at some point in my life especially when my two younger brothers were bugging me. But then, no matter how hard I prayed that time that they vanish... for some reasons I was too young to comprehend... they didn't disappear. They did stick around. And Boy... I was glad!

Gary... the artist.
Japol... the charmer.

I am not an only child because I have two brothers. Both are my greatest allies and antagonists. Both are my greatest fans and critics. And both are my greatest accomplices and adversaries.

I am not an only child and my two brothers and I grew up together as friends and peers. We had no choice because my Mom had all the time in the world to watch us. So we were stuck together. We were forced to like each other. And eventually we cannot be separated from each other.

Now that we are all grown-up and living separate lives... we still are partners-in-crime. We may be living in different parts of the world, but we remain closed despite the distance.We may have different opinion about things, but we still manage to compromise and arrive to one common vision. And even if we seldom see each other, we keep our communication line open.


Boy, I am really glad that God did not answer my prayer because I still have two brothers. I thank God for choosing them to be my brothers because they are the only ones who can stand me. I thank God for giving me the chance to have many happy memories with my brothers because now that we are all adults we have something to look back to. And I thank God that I am not an only child because I don't really know what to do without my two brothers.


sterndal said...

wow ang sweet

naluluha ako ...

i agree, masaya talaga magkaron ng kapatid

meron akong kakampi at kaaway in one


thanks for this post

God bless

jenny said...

nice story and great pictures Ruthi. i learned something new about you today I did not know you had two brothers. I think it would be awsome just to have one but hey I got two sisters lol

Len said...

I love this post, Ruthi. I have a brother and a sister. Although we are not together, I love them and miss them so much. I wish one day we'd be reunited once again. xoxo

betchai said...

same here Ruthi, I am not an only child for I have 4 brothers :) And I love it that I have them, actually unlike you, I always loved and followed them, it took my nanay a hard time explaining to me that I should be sleeping in own room and not with them because I am no longer a child, haha!

anyway, love your pictures with your brothers.

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Great story and wonderful pics. What a beautiful family (in more ways than one)! :-)

Ginny said...

Your brothers are so handsome!! And this is the first really close up picture I'm seeing of you, you are beautiful! I am an only child, and all my life I wished for brothers or sisters. Even though I never had any, I always missed them. I had a very sad and alone childhood. So you are really truly blessed to have such brothers who are supportive and you all get along so well and stay in touch.

Anonymous said...

cool. so touching.

Mumsy said...

Your relationship with your brothers is still better than mine..My brothers and I are not close at all.

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