Friday, June 4, 2010

MY LIFE... through the years

In five year’s time, I will be a Golden Girl. Yes, I will be 50 years old in a matter of 5 years. And I will wonder… “How time flies?”

In five year’s time, I will mark a milestone for myself. Yes, I will look forward to it as a great achievement. And I will ask… “What have I done?”

In five year’s time, I will create new pages for the next chapters of my life. Yes, I will be happy to travel down memory lane and look back what my life had been. And I will doubt… “Will I have the time?”

Life is so short. What is 50 years to a person who has more to achieve? Time is fleeting. What is 50 years to a life lived to the fullest? Every moment is precious. What is 50 years to a person whose life is yet to unfold?

I have been thinking… what have I done in the past 45 years of my life? No. I refuse to grow old… without remembering how my childhood was like. No. I will not brag about my achievements… without recalling what my frustrations were. No. I will not stop achieving my goal… without looking back at the failures I had.

There is no secret to a happy and successful life… unless you are blind. There is such thing as failure… unless you perceive it as a hurdle to achieve. There is nothing that can stop one to succeed… unless you fail to believe.

My life is not perfect… it is just perfectly normal. My life is a bed of roses… with thorns and all. And my life is insignificant compared to famous or notorious people… but it is significantly worth living.

"Life is short and forty five years are not enough.
But forty five years is long enough to know how I was blessed."

"Forty five years is enough for me to appreciate all my blessings.
Thank You for the 45 years of my life."

The formula for a happy life is obvious… live!


rainfield61 said...

It is very difficult to have two- forty five years in our life.

This first one must worth a celebration.

Do enjoy your next coming one.

My Public Secrets said...

Wow! nice blog Amiga. wonderful story and lovely it :D

betchai said...

indeed, time flies Ruthi, you write so well, I can really feel from your words how you lived life so well and wonderfully, am glad for you. yes, indeed, our life is a bed of roses, with thorns and all, the thorns the source of our strength :)

Tes said...

Oh Ruthi, this is beautifully written! We are the product of our experiences. What lovely photos and how well you put it together! Very artsy, I love it! :) You do not look your age... you'd pass for 30sh, sistah! *winks*

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Ruthi, how inspiring and true. Life is for living, thorns and all! I loved and your pictures are wonderful!

VanillaSeven said...

You still look gorgeous after all the years Ruthi!

Ebie said...

Oh Ruthie, I love them all! The photos of your transformation from that cutie pie to a woman! I see the charm and smile, you have enjoyed a wonderful life!

Yes time flies, and hehehehe, I am older than you!

Icy BC said...

Oh Ruthi, it's just like I'm watching you growing up right before my eyes..

I love your pictures..

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