Sunday, April 4, 2010

Holy Bunnies

This is the time of the year dedicated to one special creature... the bunny. Easter is the special time of the year when the bunnies are put to work.

I am not really that familiar with the bunny except with the idea that it brings colorful eggs and that's all about it. This guy has no gimmick like Santa with all his famous grand entrance from the chimney. It did not make a name for himself by bringing another creature into a limelight like... again, Santa who made Rudolf an instant success. Bunny guy uses no paraphernalia that you can really associate with him like Cupid with his bow and arrow. I mean, what's up with the eggs? We all know that rabbits don't lay eggs, right? Oh well, whatever the reason is, he has this day to be remembered. So, I have to do it.

This is an entirely new tradition for me. The Easter Bunny is not really popular from where I came from. And from where I came from, we are more into religious traditions and pagentry. And I like it. I missed it. But since I am in a new country now. I have to get to know Bunny for now. I have to adapt to this tradition and be a part of it. So Happy Easter to everyone... may you get lots of nice colorful eggs. Whatever that is for.

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Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

I have always been puzzled about the bunny and eggs. It's explained in Yahoo, but I did not take the time to click it. It worked for me as a child and is still working for lots of children. I'm o-k with that as long as they understand what Easter is truly about.

Take care & happy Easter. I think you should co-join your festivities.

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