Saturday, April 3, 2010


Life is full of anticipation.

I waited all winter for spring [as I have mentioned several times in some of my posts across my blogs.] Now that spring is here... I am waiting for summer. And as predictable as I am... I will be waiting for fall in summer... then winter in fall... and the craziness goes on and on and on.

Life is full of anticipation.

I have waited for weeks for this bulb to bloom. I visit it everyday. Take photos everyday. And even found myself talking to it everyday... asking to hurry up. Rain or shine I wait and wait and wait.

Life is full of anticipation.

This holiday season. The most holy and most anticipated season of all in the religious calendar is not only full of anticipation. It is the season of hope for the all the sinners like me. It is the season where sinners like me turned repentants. It is the season where sinners like me rise above from the weaknesses of human nature. It is the season where sinners like me learn to forgive and hope to be forgiven.

Life if full of anticipation.

Let us stop for a few moment to anticipate the outpouring of blessings despite our limitation. Let us forgive and ask for forgiveness for all the shortcomings we cause each others. With great anticipation... let us keep the faith and believe once again in the power of love.

Happy Easter Everyone!

One of the most delightful things about a garden
is the anticipation it provides.
~ W. E. Johns ~


betchai said...

haha, just shows woman can not make up mind Ruthi, we always long for something that is not in in us, if we have long hair, we cut it short, if we have short hair, we can't wait to grow it long and then just cut short again :)

can't wait for summer though, i miss swimming with the fishes :)

piebuko said...

beautiful pictures ruthi. :)

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

The pics are great. My favs are spring and fall. I could live all year with those two seasons, but there is a purpose for each, so we need to find the beauty in all of them.

God bless.

Euroangel said...

i love your images here..thanks for the visit in my blogs..ingat Ruthi! follow-follow this blog now!

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