Friday, March 26, 2010

Wintery Spring

It is already springtime. The flowers are supposed to bloom soon. The trees are supposed to have new leaves. The grass is supposed to turn green. And the birds and animals are supposed to be starting to go out and play.

A lot of people are already tired of the cold winter. They are already looking forward to work in their garden. They are already anticipating the warm feel of the sun in their skin. And they are ready to appreciate the re-birth of mother nature.

But I woke up this morning to another snow shower. The snow bank that started to thaw is covered again with white flurries. The snow bank is again higher than me. And the snow bank is again packed and hard.

The season is changing. And it is unpredictable. We already had snow when it was still fall... and we still have snow now that is already spring. This has been a long winter.

This was the my sentiment last year. This was the very emotions that I had last two winters ago. And this was what I was expecting this winter.

But nah... I am so happy that it feels like spring now. It is still wintery because we still have flurries and freezing rains and hail shower every now and then but the sun is always persistent to come out and give warmth to cold hearts.

Yes, it is spring now. It does feel like spring too. And it looks like springtime as well. But the snow banks are already gone. The grass is already showing up. And the birds and squirrels are back in business. At hindsight... this winter is not that bad at all.

Winter... a time to take a break and contemplate on the goodness of life. A time to rest and nurture the moments that bring happiness to mankind. And a time to embrace and hold in ones hand the passing eternity of God's blessing... as one anticipate the coming of spring.


betchai said...

love your pictures, Ruthi. hope the warmth of spring and summer soon come your way.

Icy BC said...

Beautiful pictures, Ruthi..hope it warms up for you!

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

An inspiring post. Thanks and God bless.

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