Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You Blog

I love writing. I grew up doodling on walls and floors first before I was able to doodle on paper. My fond memories of doodling years are most treasured because it was the very foundation of my creative side. I dreamt to be a writer someday but I am not doing anything extra-ordinary to pursue that dream. My thoughts are just for me to cherish I guess.

Then I learned to write the modern way. The modern way… I mean - blogging. I learned some useful tools to get my ideas across oceans and mountains… races and cultures… sexes and sexual orientations. I learned tools like the internet, website and budget hosting and because of them my way of expressing my thoughts was never the same again.

I love writing. I guess I will write until my fingers are overtaken by arthrosclerosis. I will write unlit my brain is overcome with encephalitis. And I will write until my internet connection is cut.

But like a wise blogger, you don’t just blog about what you feel but you blog what you think is best for you and your audience. You blog not just to express your thoughts or emotions but you blog to be able to reach out to other bloggers. And at the end of the day… you blog because you are a blogger.


Icy BC said...

I grew up doodling like you! My father told me that I doodled on any space that I found.

betchai said...

oh, i was not fond of doodling when I was young, Ruthi, I would rather be out and hit some fun :) hahah! Also, I was more into Math and Science, and well, I did write a lot of poems, that's all, but to compose something like several paragraphs, I should have to have 5 minutes deadline to get it done :) otherwise, it would always be put on the sideline.

Ruthi said...

@Icy... doodling is fun for every kid. I though sometimes forget that when I see how ugly it is on my wall. hahahaha

Ruthi said...

@Betchai... I guess we both love writing and expressing our feelings through words. our childhood doodling is a preview of what we love to do in later years.

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