Saturday, February 20, 2010

Unorthodox Friendship

When I migrated… I never thought that I would go through a lot of culture shock. Not that I didn’t know that nor had no idea about it. It’s just that it was different when it is already for real.

I thought I was prepared for the change. I thought I have the guts to take in the new life that I chose. And I thought I was strong enough to face the challenges awaiting me in my new home. I was all wrong. For the first few months I struggled hard to fight homesickness. I fought so hard to keep my sanity intact. And I tried hard enough to keep my feet on the ground without losing my balance. It was tough.

But one thing that really helped me a lot to keep me from snapping and losing “it”… are friends that I found from the most unlikely places. I found real friends who gave me moral support that I needed in my trying times. And when I say “real friends” I mean… virtual friends who are for real.

Yes, being out-of-work for the first time in my life since I graduated from college was a life-changing experience. Being a stay-at-home wife for the first time in my life was a humbling experience. And being a new-kid-in-town who has no friends [except Medy who lives 30 miles away] was a very lonely experience.

During those times… the internet was my only lifeline. The computer was my only un-reluctant friend. And blogging was my new lifestyle. Through blogging I found friends… virtual friends who are kind enough to teach me the complexity of Cyberlandia. And though the friendship was established in an unorthodox way… I still cherish it as any relationship that I had for real.


betchai said...

like you, i am glad i blogged Ruthi, i have mt and gained many friends :)

i love to blog, sadly, very few of my old friends and family read it :(

Ruthi said...

@Betchai... I have the same sentiments. hahahaha some of my friends are lazy to read and don't share the same interest... that is why i have a different set of blogging friends.

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

My family very seldom reads my blogs but I have a few loyal friends who read and comment anonymously from time to time as they do not blog. Blogging is the cap on my tea pot which lets the steam out so I can remain sane (whatever that is). Blogging helps me draw from positive sources and renew myself.

Ruthi, bless you and I hope you feel less and less homesick. I was homesick when I was in the military. My poor mother had such a phone bill from my collect calls. I feel awful about that now. Now we (our cyber friends) can connect online. What a savings!
Fortunately, Mom is just a few miles away.

Ruthi said...

@Judy... I agree. And I had to admit I never appreciate them so well until I left. It was a horrible feeling. And God bless who ever invented the computer and the internet... I get to talk to my family back home very often than we used too when I was home.

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