Saturday, February 6, 2010


It's the weekends and today, I rather be in a frozen lake ice-fishing, clad in my warm snow-pants and LL Bean goose down jacket, listening to my iPod, and snacking on Ostrim while sitting on snowmobile and thinking when will the first fish bite so I can take a nap in my ice-shack or cruise the lake at 60 mph. But no, today I am stuck here at home thinking what to do first… the laundry or review my book on Medical Terminology for a quiz on Monday.


Life is full of tough choices. Choices may be as simple as doing chores to as complicated as having an in vitro fertilization. Life is tough enough as it is and decision making process make it more complex if not overpowering.

Choices are made everyday of our lives. From the moment we open our eyes to the time we close them. And each time we need to make a decision we are confronted with options that undeniably hard to choose.

There are times that we are presented with two options and we wanted to grab them both. Other times we are blessed to have them both. But most of the time we can only take one or the other. And that is when we struggle with decision. When we are presented with choices and you want both.

Don’t you wish that we can just get what we want without the guilt of greed?


piebuko said...

hi ruthi.. nabitin ako. :)
I agree though. I think nabitin ako because your thoughts echo my own. *sigh

Ruthi said...

@Pie.... I know, ako din eh... pag ganitong tinatamad ako wala rin akong maisip. hahaha miss you gurl.

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