Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Sometimes it helps a lot if you can control your emotions. It helps a lot if you can delay outburst. And it helps a lot if you can for one second manage not to react immediately to your negative feelings. Emotion is not a bad thing. What makes it bad is the way we handle it.

As a person, we are capable of different emotions and sentiments. And different emotions are normally categorized as positive and negative. These emotions are powerful tools that a person can use to live life to the fullest. These emotions on the other hand are also powerful tools that will bring him down. And these emotions can sometimes break another person to pieces.

Emotions... either we handle it or it will take us over. It's our choice. Let us not give our emotions a chance to regret a thing.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Unorthodox Friendship

When I migrated… I never thought that I would go through a lot of culture shock. Not that I didn’t know that nor had no idea about it. It’s just that it was different when it is already for real.

I thought I was prepared for the change. I thought I have the guts to take in the new life that I chose. And I thought I was strong enough to face the challenges awaiting me in my new home. I was all wrong. For the first few months I struggled hard to fight homesickness. I fought so hard to keep my sanity intact. And I tried hard enough to keep my feet on the ground without losing my balance. It was tough.

But one thing that really helped me a lot to keep me from snapping and losing “it”… are friends that I found from the most unlikely places. I found real friends who gave me moral support that I needed in my trying times. And when I say “real friends” I mean… virtual friends who are for real.

Yes, being out-of-work for the first time in my life since I graduated from college was a life-changing experience. Being a stay-at-home wife for the first time in my life was a humbling experience. And being a new-kid-in-town who has no friends [except Medy who lives 30 miles away] was a very lonely experience.

During those times… the internet was my only lifeline. The computer was my only un-reluctant friend. And blogging was my new lifestyle. Through blogging I found friends… virtual friends who are kind enough to teach me the complexity of Cyberlandia. And though the friendship was established in an unorthodox way… I still cherish it as any relationship that I had for real.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You Blog

I love writing. I grew up doodling on walls and floors first before I was able to doodle on paper. My fond memories of doodling years are most treasured because it was the very foundation of my creative side. I dreamt to be a writer someday but I am not doing anything extra-ordinary to pursue that dream. My thoughts are just for me to cherish I guess.

Then I learned to write the modern way. The modern way… I mean - blogging. I learned some useful tools to get my ideas across oceans and mountains… races and cultures… sexes and sexual orientations. I learned tools like the internet, website and budget hosting and because of them my way of expressing my thoughts was never the same again.

I love writing. I guess I will write until my fingers are overtaken by arthrosclerosis. I will write unlit my brain is overcome with encephalitis. And I will write until my internet connection is cut.

But like a wise blogger, you don’t just blog about what you feel but you blog what you think is best for you and your audience. You blog not just to express your thoughts or emotions but you blog to be able to reach out to other bloggers. And at the end of the day… you blog because you are a blogger.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bluer Weekends

This weekend, I am planning to do my "to do list."

I need to come up with a plan.

Something that will work.
Something that will make me organized.
Something that will make a difference.

I need to take another option.

Something that is different.
Something that will give me pride.
Something that will promote good-will.

But the weekend is still a long way to go. It's days away and there are lots of things that might happen from today through the weekends. There are other immediate plans that I need to prioritize within the week. And there are more pressing issues that I need to address.

Weekends bring the best and the worse in every person. In my case... it's worse. Blame it on the holidays. [Always find something to blame but yourself] May you all have a wonderful week ahead.

Friday, February 12, 2010

This time of the Year

Love is in the air!

I can feel it. I can smell it. I can breathe it. I can taste it.

And when it is that time of the year when people are getting either too romantic or melancholic... we all know that it is that "time of the year".

This time of the year is the time when flowers bloom even if it is not spring. And whose woman is not touched when she is given flowers to express one's emotion?

This is the time of the year when women's sugar level spikes up due to boxes upon boxes of chocolates that they indulge on without any guilt.

And this is the time of the year when some lucky women gain new BFFs and sparkle like diamonds.

Yes, this is the time of the year when love is all around us with all the signs and symptoms.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Busy and Nuts

When I just got here and have all the time in the world to do just anything... these were my sentiments...

Busy. Busy. Busy. I hope I can say that. I miss work. I miss being busy. I miss having no time for other things. I miss having no time for myself. I miss having no time for my family.

Nuts. Nuts. Nuts. Am I nuts? Maybe. Because I don't do nothing. Because my mind is not working. Because my creative side is now obsolete.

I need inspiration. I need new perspective. I need new mind.

Now that I find work... this is now my sentiments.

Contentment! Where can I find it?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Time and Nuts

Time... time... time... I hope I can say I have time.

I miss not getting up too early to go to work.

I miss "not" being busy.

I miss having all the time in the world to do just nothing.

I miss having all the time for myself.

I miss having all the time for my family.

Nuts... nuts... nuts... Am I nuts?

Maybe. Because I am so busy. Because my mind is always working. Because my creative side is sacrificed.

I need inspiration.

I need new perspective.

I need time.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


It's the weekends and today, I rather be in a frozen lake ice-fishing, clad in my warm snow-pants and LL Bean goose down jacket, listening to my iPod, and snacking on Ostrim while sitting on snowmobile and thinking when will the first fish bite so I can take a nap in my ice-shack or cruise the lake at 60 mph. But no, today I am stuck here at home thinking what to do first… the laundry or review my book on Medical Terminology for a quiz on Monday.


Life is full of tough choices. Choices may be as simple as doing chores to as complicated as having an in vitro fertilization. Life is tough enough as it is and decision making process make it more complex if not overpowering.

Choices are made everyday of our lives. From the moment we open our eyes to the time we close them. And each time we need to make a decision we are confronted with options that undeniably hard to choose.

There are times that we are presented with two options and we wanted to grab them both. Other times we are blessed to have them both. But most of the time we can only take one or the other. And that is when we struggle with decision. When we are presented with choices and you want both.

Don’t you wish that we can just get what we want without the guilt of greed?

Friday, February 5, 2010

weekend blues

Another week is over. Should I be glad or blue?

It is just any other weekend, but I need to have to put my creative side to work. What else have I not done yet? I was thinking... thinking... thinking!

The weekdays are too long and boring just like any other days of the weeks that passed. I am too weak to think now because I know the routine is too much. But I need to carry on.

I just wish I would have more time for myself to contemplate and come up with ideas that will really change the world. Or just be creative to fight my boredom.

Am I experiencing another drought? Or maybe I am [already] menopausal!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love is...

I guess love is the most misunderstood word in the vocabulary.

People define it in different ways. They define it in ways most acceptable to them. They define it in ways more convenient to them.

Despite hardships and frustrations... heartbreaks and betrayals... ups and downs... there will be people who still believe in love.

People hope for love to come and grow. They anticipate that love will give them life. They expect that love will win the battle for them.

I guess love, despite being the most misunderstood word in the vocabulary is still the most believable thing in this word.

So let the love evolve. Let's love endlessly... hopefully... and eternally!

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