Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday... to me!

It is my birthday today. Hmmmm... sort of.

It is my birthday today, technically speaking. Because today is the 1st anniversary of my second life. Today is the 1st anniversary of my car accident that happened last year.

Same day last year I was given a second lease on life and that blessing gave me a second chance to live another life with new hope and renewed faith.

It's winter time again and snow storm [or worst... ice storm] is inevitable. I will be driving again on icy, slushy, crappy and treacherous winter roads. I will be driving again by the same spot where I had the accident. And I will be scared of my wits again every time my tires will skid or spin due to block ice.

Winter here in Maine is a wonderland if you are talking about the beautiful white landscapes created by the snowfall. Everything is picture perfect just like what you see in beautiful Christmas cards and postcards. Everything is breathtaking and awesome. And everything is what I ever dreamed of when I was still living in a tropical country. But after the car accident, I hate winter.

Winter is a bitter season. The naked trees are stipped of life after all the leaves are gone. The lovely blue waters of the lakes and ponds are turned into a huge block of ice. And wildlife fled into hibernation, making the "wild"... devoid of life.

But winter is inevitable. Like life, it has to pass. Like life it has to end. And like life it has to give way to spring... so that a new life will begin.


betchai said...

happy birthday, happy anniversary, Ruthi. i remember your accident last year and I am glad you came out from that accident unharmed. oh, winter is always beautiful to look at from the window, what we have been looking at when we were still living back home are just the beautiful and wonderful images of winter, not the very bitter truth and death behind.

Ruthi said...

Thanks Betchai... I know how you feel considering your own experience. Thanks for the visit again despite your hectic schedule. happy holidays.

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