Saturday, November 21, 2009

Making a Living

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Making a living is a way of life. You cannot condemn a person for trying to make a living with whatever way he chooses. You cannot judge a person for making a bad business decision in order to make both ends meet. And you cannot blame a person if he steals from someone to put food on the table. Whether one makes a living legally or otherwise, it is human instinct that dictates one to do something for survival.

Human being learns the basic following his instinct. The evolution of work and the compensations one gets from such effort are the essential factors for the development of the human race. From agriculture to domestication of animal to invention of technologies to more invention left and right... the human race is unstoppable. From exchange of goods with another goods (simply put... barter) to exchange of knowledge with another idea (read: education) to sourcing of raw materials in exchange for service (translation: compensation)... the human race is limitless.

Work gives one a certain degree of dignity. It gives one a sense of confidence. And it gives one a feeling of security. People look for job not only to survive but to make himself a useful and productive human being. But it does not necessarily mean too that people who are out of work are undignified, inconfident and insecured. But one needs to get the necessary skill to be able to get remuneration for his effort and service.

However we look at it, making a living is not making a life but it is life itself. We need to work to make ourselves useful and productive. We need to work to be able to express ourselves in a way we know how and to gain a certain sense of pride for ourselves. And we need to work to leave a legacy.

No matter how small or big our contribution to our workplace, we achieve something for ourselves. No matter how little or huge we look at the job we do, we make a great impact in our workplace. And no matter how important or insignificant our work to our own personal evaluation, we still get compensated for that work.

We work to make a living, so let's not not live to work.


betchai said...

i love your post Ruthi, yes, i work to live, i do not live to work :)

Ruthi said...

@Betchai... thanks for visiting again. Yes, we should always work to live and hope that people will always know the difference between working to live and living to work.

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