Monday, November 9, 2009

I won the Lottery!

I was waiting patiently. My palms were sweating like crazy. My heart was beating furiously. My knees were shaking uncontrolably. I was breathing fast and nervous. My anticipation was too overwhelming to comprehend. And I can't take my eyes off the small balls bearing familiar numbers in the raffle drum as they were dropped there one after another.

Everything happened so fast. The world stood still as the host repeated the 6 numbers drawn. I had to pinch myself to focus. I finally had the common sense to look at the paper I was holding since the lottery numbers were drawn that night. I had to look at the paper to make sure that it has the right numbers that were called out. And YES! The numbers on the paper I was holding were the exact numbers that won the jackpot.

I WON THE JACKPOT! I won 55 million dollars!


Damn dream! I tried to go back to sleep to recall the numbers so I can bet on them for real. I tried to go back to bed to dream it again but I failed. I tried to close my eyes so tight trying to search my brain of any hint of recorded numbers from the dream that I just had... but I wasn't successful. I tried to lie down again hoping that I will be able to remember at least 5 numbers but I only came up with 1 and 17, but still I wasn't sure enough that those two numbers were the ones I saw in my dream. Then, I gave up.


I never remember any of my dreams. Who does, anyway? Most of my dreams are fragments of things I never have any recollections of. Dreams that are constantly bugging me in my deepest sleep… dreams that are continuously giving me vague clue of the past or perhaps the future… dreams that are persistently waking me up in the middle of the night giving me yet another unsolved puzzles to my existence.

What are dreams made of? Why are they so haunting yet fascinating? Why are they so persistent yet intriguing? Why are they so gripping yet elusive? I never remember any of my dreams. Maybe I will never will.


sterndal said...


i thought it was real!

i was about to ask for my "balato" na


Ruthi said...

@Sterndal... I wish it was for real. And I will never have a second thought on giving balato to share my blessings. If only I remember the numbers... hayyyyy

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