Saturday, October 17, 2009

the rotten apple

"I got some apples for you... and the deer, Sweetie." my hubby announced one afternoon as he handed me the bag of apples. I ate them all in 4 days.

One morning, as I was about to do the laundry I found this white big box with the pictures and the word "vegetables" on it stacked on top of a box filled with old toys. I opened the box and found lots of bruised and almost rotten apples. No wonder the cellar was soaked in apple scent for the whole week. I was jealous of the deer because they got a big box and I only got a peck.

That afternoon, I found my hubby standing by the box with a plastic bag full of apples [to be fed to the deer outback ] on one hand and munching an apple on the other. I was horrified because I know the apple was no longer good to eat. I tried to stop him but he only gave me a shrug and said... "Nah, they are not all rotten, there are still some that are good, you only have to look."

Prejudice - everyone is guilty! Isn't it easy to judge a person by what we see on the outside than what is inside his heart? Isn't it easier to scratch the surface than dig underneath? Isn't it easiest to blame someone for the wrong thing he did than to admit our own mistakes?

We are not fruits. We are not vegetables. We are human beings. Sin is not contagious. It is only the consequence of our wrong choices and our wrong judgment. There is no way that a sinner will be able to make us a sinner too, unless we allow it. We have the freedom to make choices... so let's make the right one.

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