Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Cousin Jen

I love sending cards to my loved ones during special occasions. More than anything else I love sending cards that I personally make. And since I am into digital scrapbooking… I send them personalized cards with the person’s photos on them. This is the latest card that I sent to my cousin Jen in Germany.

It’s my cousin Jen’s birthday today. She is celebrating her Nth birthday. This is not just an ordinary birthday for her. This is her most significant birthday ever. This is her 1st birthday… for her second lease on life. She is a cancer survivor.

Jen is 5 years older than me. We are not really that close compared with her younger sister Joey. But we have some good memories together when we were growing up. She is the big sister I never had. And like a big sister I looked up to her. I admired her so much. I was her copycat. I copied practically everything she did when she was a teenager. I copied the way she dressed up… the way she put her make up on… the way she walked… the way she talked… the way she waved her hands while she was talking… the way she batted her eyelashes when she was talking [with boys – LOL]. Yes, I did admire her and I still do.

Jen as I remember has big dreams. And when she was in her early twenties… she went to Germany to help her family. During the first few years that she was in Germany we wrote each other letters until it stopped… completely. And since she moved to Germany I only saw her couple of times when she came home for a visit. Thanks to Facebook… we are reconnected.

It is her birthday today. It has been over a year now since she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It has been a year now since she was blessed with a second life.

I love sending personalized cards… and since I love writing too… I usually write my own words in the cards I send. The following is the very words I wrote for my cousin Jen. [I quote them here because the words are too small to read on the photo above.]

1st October 2009

Dear Jen,

Life indeed is so short and to be able to have a second lease on it is not just a blessing but a miracle that only God can give… that only Man can appreciate… that only our loved ones can be grateful for.

A second chance doesn’t mean a second take on our mistakes but rather a new road to take. It doesn’t mean another chance to go on with our dreams but rather an opportunity to dream anew. And it doesn’t give you one last chance to create new memories but rather live the old memories with new hope in our hearts.

Take your second chance with faith. Happy Birthday and more to come.

Ate Ruth

Second life… not every one is given a second chance… not everyone is blessed… and not everyone is capable of seeing the second chance a blessing. Jen went through a lot in the past. She sacrificed a lot in life. And she struggled a lot to give her loved ones a comfortable life. This second chance is a blessing so that she will be able to live her life the way she deserves.

Happy Birthday Jen. I love you... don't you ever doubt that. Talk to you later.

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