Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mystery of Life

It still is a mystery. Life is a mystery that a lot of people will do anything to unveil its poignant mysticism to satisfy one’s curiosity or disbelief.

It is a blessing. Life is a blessing that some people can take for granted due to lack of gratefulness or lost of basic human attributes.

It is indeed a gift. Life is a gift that few people will never appreciate unless it is taken away from them or have a chance to see it slipping away or at least were given a second lease on it.

Life is an opportunity to experience the mystery of existence. Life is a chance to enjoy the many blessings that are part and parcel of our existence. And life is the ultimate act of sharing the wonderful gift of our existence.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

fall it is

As the leaves change its color from green to monochromatic red-orange-and-brown hue so as the breeze will start to feel chilly despite the warmth of the sun that will constantly shine through.

The valleys and rolling hills will change its appearance and the grass will start to wither. While the ground will slowly freezes up that will completely dry the meadow out.

This is fall. This is the time for harvest. This is the time for thanksgiving. This is the time for new hope.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


It’s the first day of fall. The hills are alive… breathing… gasping… for that last gust of a cool summer day. The leaves are gradually changing their color from monochromatic green hue to different shades of yellow, red, orange and brown. From the tree where they had their good times dancing and swaying to the cool breeze of summer wind, they will soon fall off from the branches in an orchestrated fashion to cover the grounds and stage a magnificent collage of lovely streaks of autumn symphony– a remembrance of a blissful summer that has been.

Like fall, life is a never ending process of beginning and the end... of birth and demise… of time and space. The changing hue represents the many aspects of life that makes it interesting if not worth-living for. Fall is a promise of the new covenant of hope for after the last leaf has finally let go of its grasp on the twig that holds it from the first day of spring, it will be swept away by the wind to its final destination… to rest and face its creator. It is a process of renewal… for every leaf that falls… a new leaf will have its chance to go through the same passage. A passage that is inevitable as life.



Peeking behind the lush tree... bringing a new light... looking forward to another great day.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Miracle

I was crying like a baby... sobbing non stop... tears running down my cold cheeks... head spinning like crazy as I struggled holding my breath and my mobile phone all at the same time. I was trying to make sense of all what was going on right under my nose, but to no effect.

It was one of those rare phone calls that I hate to participate in since I left home. I was talking to my friend and colleague from home trying to grasp the essence of our communication. Her voice was firm and full of conviction. Her tone was strong and filled with total resignation. Her breathing was deep yet consistent. She was cool, calm and collected.

"Be strong, Mare [a term we used to address each other because her first born is my Goddaughter]." She said in a matter-of-factly way.

If it is God’s will for me, then I have to accept it.” She sustained as I continued sobbing and said nothing but “Mare”

"This is just one of the mysteries of life and we have no choice but to accept it with faith in our hearts" She continued saying assuring me that… EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY.

But I am not OK! Neither is she!


Yes, my dear Mare is dealing with the big C. And it was not OK with me. The news was so overwhelming because I miss my dear friend so much. She was one my few BFFs whom I consider as the sister I never had. We went through a lot of things. We shared a lot of life-changing experiences that made us better persons. We fought together as allies for what we believe in. And we cried together during those times when either one of us was in our lowest.

Yes, my dear Mare is facing the greatest challenge of her life. She is dealing with the toughest truth that shocks not only her family but friends and students alike. And she accepts the harsh reality with total resignation and faith in God.

I don’t know about other people but I do fail a lot of times in the “faith department”. I am the most impatient person I’ve ever known. And “doubt” should be my middle name. Yes, I do have faith but faith works better with patience.

I have gone through a lot of tough times too and sometimes I felt like giving up blaming others but myself for everything. With all the blessings that I have received I still feel that I am not blessed enough like other people. And I still believe that life is unfair just because I feel so frustrated with all my failures in life due to the wrong choices I made.

My Mare opened up my eyes to an entirely new way to look at life. Miracles happen all the time. Miracles happen when you least expected it. And Miracles happen to those who believe. We do not know if she will have her share of miracle. But there is one thing I am very sure of… she is my miracle for she brings back my faith in life.

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