Monday, July 27, 2009

summer rains

Another gloomy Monday and I am feeling lazy again. [What else is new?] It has been a bleak week last week and today seems to be another bleak week ahead. Though weather news is telling [as of this writing] that it will be a nice day today, still I can’t see the truth to that claim. I want to see blue cloudless sky.

I want to feel warm rays of the sun on my tanned skin. And I want to go for a run again and have a real nice weekend ahead. But then, how? It doesn’t look like a nice day today. Or maybe I am just impatient. I am in Maine so I need to wait 5 minutes.

THERE! The sun is coming out. I can see it now. Hope we will have a real summer-ish kind of season… after all it is still summer indeed.

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