Saturday, December 6, 2008


For a change, I went out to feel the cold wintery breeze. I went out to see the wintery landscapes. I went out to check out the uncrowded stores.

For a change, the cold wintery breeze isn't that cold at all. It felt kinda damped. It felt kinda chilly. And it felt kinda nippy but not as cold as the year before.

For a change, the wintery landscapes are not bad too. The trees had shed all its leaves from its branches. The ponds are already somewhat frozen. And the hills are clothed in frost but not as frosted as the year before.

For a change, the stores were not too crowded. There are lots of festive decorations that could attract the shoppers. There are still a lot of things on display and on sale. And there are still a lot of things to buy not not a lot of souls who wanted to spend.

For a change, it is Christmas season and I can feel it in the wind. I can see it in the landscapes. But I can't tell it in the shoppers' spirit. Is it the recession? If it is, we do need change.

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