Monday, October 27, 2008

Of Patriotic Clowns and Political Circus

I don’t know about you… but Election Season is the season I hate most. Election season is indeed the most unfavorable season of all. I am so tired of the election campaign. This is the season for digging up skeletons from the closets. This is the season to glorify no one but the politicians themselves. This is the season for that orchestrated pageantry of opinionated and highly infuriating spectacle of double-faced political actors who are ready to gulp down each others’ opponent in permissible passion.

This is the season for “I-am-and-You-are-not”. You know what I mean… I am – good at this and that… I am – responsible for this one and that one… I am – the one who started this thing and that thing. And you are not – like me who is more educated in taxes… you are not – like me who is more knowledgeable when it come to economy… you are not – like me who has the power to give peace to this country.

Some people have their own way of dealing with their own narcissistic, egotistical and self-centered scheme to convince other people that they are the best persons in the job. Some people will do their best without a hint of guilt to discredit other people just to establish their personal interests. And some people will go a great length to uplift themselves for self-glorification to get people’s vote.

What values do we get from all of this? What do we teach our youth when they see the politicians blaming each other for all the mistakes that they themselves did? And why no one is taking responsibility for all the mistakes they were responsible for? Election is a game of charade for high-class patriotic [as they always claim] clowns who are willing to sacrifice [again, as they also claim] for the love of the country. And our youth are the one who will always take the blow.

In fairness with other politicians… some of them are really good… some of them are really doing their job well… and some of them are really dedicated to serve the people and the country. The only problem is that… those politicians who are not-that-good can drag those good ones down just like a rotten apple in the basket.

Election season will be over in a week’s time. People will vote for the candidates who they believe are saying the truth. People will make their choices and will hope that their choices are the best for the country. And people will once again put their trust on those candidates who promise that they will serve them. The question now is… will they keep their promises?


BBC said...

I've already voted, so it's over for me.

The question now is… will they keep their promises?

The question is, can they? And what about the promises you didn't hear them making to others in their climb to the top?

Politics here is a house of mirrors. And it's always election season here, I hate that.

Even if we get a decent president we will have to replace him/her in eight years. This system is so stupid.

And this country is full of stupid and greedy people. But I hope that it works out for you, it is a beautiful country isn't it?

And I live in one of it's most beautiful and protected and life giving areas.

Ruthi said...

Yes, this is a beautiful country especially the changing season. I love it. It is different from where I came from. But I had to admit I was kinda disappointed because this is not what I was really expecting to see and experience from this dreamland.

piebuko said...

Ruthi, who are u voting for?

Ruthi said...

@Pie... I wish I could vote. But sadly, I am not still a US Citizen so I am not allowed to vote yet.

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