Thursday, October 16, 2008

Inspiration… anyone?

Inspiration… I need inspiration! That was the first word I typed. That was the first word the came out in my mind. That was the first word that I guess I should deal with today. Inspiration – that was the first thought that popped up as I was looking at the blank page of this MS Word program where I was typing on.

You and I need inspiration [or I was just guessing]. People need inspiration [at least I believe so]. Everybody needs inspiration [or maybe not everyone]. But the question is... do we really need inspiration to be able to do anything? Is inspiration hard to come by? Will I ever feel or touch or taste it? Is there a sign that will give me a clue that I already have it?

“I need inspiration.” That’s what I say as I prepared to write down my thoughts for today. I don’t know if I really need one or I really just don’t have any idea of what to write about. So in that case... I was bluffing. But oftentimes I ask the same question before I start any project or any chore that I have to do. So in that case... it is habitual. Maybe I just wanted to psyche myself up so that ideas would come pouring like rain. So in that case... I was just plain clueless. Or better yet, I just use it as a clichĂ© to jumpstart my brain to thinking of something to write about. So in that case... I am a nut case. But then, maybe I was wrong. A lot of times, I am wrong about a lot of things. And in that case... I am doomed! Big time!

“People need inspiration.” I wonder... [inspiration started coming] did Michelangelo have an inspiration when he sculpted David to perfection or when he painted The Last Judgment on the altar wall of Sistine Chapel? Did Shakespeare have any inspiration that led him to pen one of the greatest love stories ever told? And what about Bill Gates? Was it also inspiration that led him to come up with the idea of creating Microsoft software [that we bloggers are enjoying right now] and made him the 3rd richest man in the world? Now, I really wondering [inspiration kept coming].

“Everybody needs inspiration.” In this crazy world we live in, inspiration can disguise itself as hope to make life livable. In these tough times, inspiration can give us the strength to be strong. And with all the uncertainties that we encounter with our personal battle in life, inspiration helps us to stay steadfast and resilient.

Inspiration… we all need inspiration! Inspiration comes in all shape… size… and color. Inspiration can be anything from tangible to illusive… from substantial to deceptive… from significant to delusional. There are a lot of questions still left unanswered when we talk about inspiration and we can go on and on and on. But one thing is sure… YOU CAN ALWAYS BE AN INSPIRATION TO OTHERS! You only have to make that choice.


MRMacrum said...

I really stopped by to just let you know I have that profile photo in my photobucket album. I really like that photo. It reminds of my youth and the hours I spent in libraries across this nation as a shelter from always being the new kid. Words became my friends. They followed me wherever I went. I could always count on them. I did not have to introduce myself again and again. That photo reminds me of that.

Anyway, I will visit again. I have you linked now.

Crum - another Mainer in search of whatever there is to find.

dusty roads said...

good post of inspiration! You are right in saying it is in everyone. Good job!

Ruthi said...

@mrmacrum... you are right words can be our friends and they are loyal friends. Thanks for visiting and the link. I appreciate it.

Ruthi said...

@ dusty roads... thanks for your kind words. highly appreciated. hope to see you again.

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