Monday, September 29, 2008

I am so blogging now... again

I am a compulsive blogger [whatever that means]. I have 8 blogs of my own that need equal attention. I have several other blogs that I babysit – 4 for my baby brother, 2 more for my cousin and 5 for my former school and l also co-author 2 more blogs [My Pink Notes and Bizarre Marriage] of my friend who is now on vacation. And I am running out of time… words… and sanity.

Blogging gives me time to reflect… aspire… inspire… and whine about the things I see… I feel… I taste… I smell… and I dream about. Blogging is a way of life to me now that it is more convenient and accessible. Blogging gives me the freedom to express my sentiments over things that matter most to me or worse… condemn them. Blogging provides me power to articulate my deepest emotion to get my ideas across or worse… attack the issue with the same power to get result. Blogging offers me an opportunity to communicate without hesitations or better… transcends barriers limited by geographical obstacle. And blogging helps me keep my sanity intact or worse… makes me insane.

Blogging is my refuge. And My REFUGE [this blog] is one of the oldest blogs I created. And when I started adding one blog after another… this baby was neglected. Of course I have alibis but it doesn’t justify the fact that I can be negligent of this baby… or worse, totally get rid of it. I am a hoarder. I just can’t let go of this one. I need to keep it because I know someday I will need it. And to prove my point, I even made a facelift on it. I dressed it up with new header design and new template with new color and lay-out that I found at And more importantly, I am soooo posting today. Yep, I am so blogging here now because the last post I had was… almost 6 months ago.

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