Monday, March 31, 2008

The reality of reality shows

I’m not a big fan of reality shows. It bores me. The storyline sucks. The actors are pretentious. But there are people who are addictive to it. Others are amused by it. And some are simply have nothing else to watch. Still the world is watching. Big businesses benefit from it through commercial airing. Participants from it get the exposure they need to get their aspirations go to the next level. And T.V. Shows producers get rich.

The proliferation of the reality shows could be blamed for the alteration of imbedded values. Morality has been altered. What is immoral before is way too acceptable now. Some social values and principles have been modified to gain commercial value which in the past was too precious and priceless.

True love is now a quest between a hot guy/gal and a hoard of aspirants/contestant/wannabes vying for the big prize… the “Hottie” and a million dollar. Nice huh? What ever happened to true love?

What about privacy? Don’t people give a damn about privacy now? Poor Brittney. Is it now the norm to live a life where the entire universe is watching your every move? Big brothers are big losers. No matter how hard one tries to live a normal life [in reality or otherwise], still you need to put an act because at the back of your mind… you know the camera is rolling. And you will be judged one way or another.

And what’s with survivors? What’s with all these people doing the craziest things to survive what? An entire season of competitive foolishness? Don’t we all struggling to survive everyday of our lives just trying to make both ends meet? Is completing a task harder than figuring out how to put food on the table especially if you have 5 mouths to feed and earning below minimum wage? Which is harder? Eating live worms or not eating at all? At the end of the day… those survivors who ate the worms were probably given hearty meals behind the camera and those people [who watched them] have nothing to eat and have to spend the night with their stomach still empty and rumbling.

Reality takes a big toll on people’s life or is it the other way around? Real living is a process of discovery… of adaptation… of survival. And so we must re-discover life every chance we get… adapt to life to have a chance to live… and survive to get another chance to do things all over again. Change in reality is the only permanent thing in life and we must accept that. The reality of life is changing and changing life is for real.

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Len said...

I don't like reality shows and I simply do not have the time to waste watching them. Siguro pag walang magawa and not busy, you can waste time doing it but then if they start yelling at each other, it gets really boring and really not worth watching it.

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