Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh!... Men!

I always consider men as basic needs. From a woman's point of view... this conviction came from different angles. Basic needs mean - something you can't live without. But me - being single until now... only proves that I can survive somehow. I came from a family dominated by men. Being an only daughter, my mom was my only influence on women's liberation issues. My dad and my two brothers, on the other hand, are basically additional stimuli that shaped my very foundation and knowledge of men in general. Some people might not agree with my personal opinion, but does it matter? I had my fair share of relationships and acquaintances with a few good men in the past and my experiences varied. These and other not so important circumstances gave rise to my own understanding of men.

Good men who I believed now as "endangered species" [because they are now becoming extinct] are so hard to find. Lucky are those women who were able to catch them. Pitiful are those who were conned. Hopeful are those who are still waiting. And lonely are those who will never get to see the dawn. Where do i fit in, anyway? I'm the positive one... who will never give up believing in miracles.

My past experiences were a learning process and I've learned so much from them. And the lessons, I know will guide me in the future relationship that I will cherish for the rest of my life. So here goes:

1. Think with your heart and love with your mind. The equilibrium will keep your both feet flat on the grounds.

2. Never show your man how much you love him... He thinks you are possessive. Never let him know how much you care... He feels you are apprehensive. And never ever under any circumstances trust his promises. You will just get disappointed.

3. Honesty doesn't always work. A man who is honest tells you what you do not want to hear. And a dishonest man accused you of the things you are suspecting him of. The boomerang theory works well with him.

4. ON THE FUNNY NOTE: Money isn't everything. Happy is the man... who has no money yet found a girl. But happier is the girl... who found the man - who has money.

I may not be an expert in the matters of the heart but I do believe in the reality of the matter. My experiences are not all so happy ones but who cares? Being attached is a matter of choice. One day, I know I will take my turn and find someone I will choose to spend the rest of my life with. And when that time comes... I know things will not be all smooth and easy. Mr. Right, as we all know is still too busy running his own business at the moment and for eternity to come [I supposed]. Should I wait or should I not? The answer will pop up sooner or later. But for the time being, I just rely on my own gut feeling.

I am all so tired of falling in love... the effort and time spent does not worth an investment. I stopped looking around for signs... the many choices at hand made it more complicated. I also started contemplating of living a single life, but nah, that was not an option. I chose to go with the flow for now... for I also believe... there comes a time when you will find someone who will make you cry... other times... you will encounter someone who will make you laugh. But once in your lifetime... you will find someone who will make you laugh and cry at the same time. And when it happens... I knew then - that the time has come.

This was written on September 20, 2006... when my concept about men in general was still blurred. Now, that I have finally found a “Man”... I still believe in some aspect of it. Something's telling me... you can't teach old dogs new tricks. Oh Men... you are driving us (women) crazy [both positively and negatively]. GLAD AM A WOMAN. THANKS GOD!)

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